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  1. mminutel

    What to do with packing peanuts?

    What do you guys do with them? I do not have any sort of need for them as I have never sent a package in my life. Even if I did occasionally use them, I have three trash bags full. It said that UPS takes them, but when I did a search by my state, there were no UPS stations listed in the area...
  2. mminutel

    Energy RC-10s came in today! Updated for D2000 comparison.

    I woke up early this morning and moved to the couch so I would wake up in case UPS came knocking early. Around 10 o'clock, I looked outside at the snow and noticed a big box out on the porch. Hmm... They did come early, but they must not have knocked or something. Anyways, I opened them up like...
  3. mminutel

    DIY Speakers to Match Marantz 2235B

    -Edit- I just renamed this thread instead of making a new one. I have been scouring the internet for several hours now and haven't found anything worthwhile. I have found some amazing speaker designs, but I have no idea if my Marantz 2235B will power them. Does anyone know of a good speaker...
  4. mminutel

    AV710 Left Channel Noise!?!?!

    Once every couple hours, the left channel will make an electrical noise. Don't laugh: "unk ugga unk ugga unk." My crappy home stereo does the exact same thing. Has anyone experienced this with the card? I want to see if anyone has the same problem, because I want to make sure it isn't the amp...
  5. mminutel

    K81DJs "accidently" broke. I need some headphone advice <$150.

    The title says it all. I have two options in mind. I can get some SR-225s or DT770/80. I am also open to new suggestions. I mostly listen to rock. My favorite bands are currently The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, and A Perfect Circle, but I also like to mellow out to Pink Floyd...
  6. mminutel

    Sansa e280 or 2G Nano?

    Well, I recently sold my 2g nano, because I had thoughts of getting a 3g or classic iPod. Anyways, the recent threads about the new iPods have gotten me a little worried. Keep in mind that I do not listen to portables that much. I have about a half hour bus ride and listen to it in school every...
  7. mminutel

    Portable guitar amp?

    My little cousin knows that I can make headphone amps now, so he is wanting me to make him a guitar amp that he could hook onto his belt and play. I thought about just using a standard CMOY type config with a single channel chip, but I thought I should ask for suggestions on here. Anyone...
  8. mminutel

    Stumped: Pimeta Noise

    I am recasing my pimeta and giving it a blue velvet pot, but I have ran into a problem. There is a hiss in the headphones. When I turn the board over, it almost completely goes away, and it only seems to exist in the mid range of the pot. I have the pot grounded and all offsets are within range...
  9. mminutel

    Do any hardware stores carry 1/8" heatshrink by the foot?

    I placed over $100 in orders last night from SVC, Markertek, and Mouser. Well, I forgot one thing: the 1/8" heatshrink. I have it on my list of things to buy right beside of me, but I forgot. I would hate to have to order again and incur the $5.00 shipping fee so I was wondering if anywhere...
  10. mminutel

    Pimeta Offset Issue.

    I have heard of people using a DPDT switch to get rid of the power down offset. Can anyone elaborate on how this is done? I had asked this before but nobody had been able to give me a solid answer. I know that it needs to drain the caps straight to the ground channel instead of through the...
  11. mminutel

    Pimeta and Crossfeed Questions

    I will not be moving my amp or anything so should I just do dry transfer or should I send them to FPE? If I were to use FPE, can anyone walk to me through the process? How much does it cost? Do you have to send the end panels in yourself? Anyone have any links to some good dry transfers?
  12. mminutel

    A Couple of DIY projects that I need to finish. I want your expert opinons.

    I have a couple of projects sitting in front of me that I need to finish, but I have a couple of questions. I want to know what you all would do with them. I will give a little incite, but I do not know what I am wanting for the most part. Pimeta: I have the ALPS RK097 as my Potentiometer...
  13. mminutel

    Pimeta Problem???

    I recently built a Pimeta and didn't think there was a problem until I was listening to a soft song. The right channel has a weird noise. I cannot describe it. It is not a hiss or a crackle, it just sounds almost like the buzz of electricity (if that makes sense). It is only in the right...
  14. mminutel

    Random Questions

    Alright. I am going to recase my pimeta and tread and possibly do a crossfeed. I am going to use Hammond aluminum cases with the metal ends. I already have the one picked out for my pimeta but the crossfeed I am not sure. Anyways, anyone know the height for the standard crossfeed kit from...
  15. mminutel

    Would this work? 9V battery pack.

    I was wondering if I could house my 2 (9V Batteries) in a project case and terminate it into a center positive DC plug that I could attach to my Pimeta that would act just like the batteries were in the amp? The housing of my Pimeta looks terrible right now but I am having trouble finding...
  16. mminutel

    What cable for K81DJ?

    The starquad was too dark so I would like something that will either keep the original sound or make it a little brighter. Another problem I had with the starquad was that after the Y-split I used techflex but it didnt give me the professional look I wanted. What cable have you liked to...
  17. mminutel

    AD8610 Orientation?

    Mine has a single triangle in the top right corner. If that is pin one then I cannot mount it on the board like it is supposed to be. Does that mean that the pin under the triangle is pin one or does it just mean that pin 1 is on that side?
  18. mminutel

    GOod Small Electronics book?

    I can follow schematics and put stuff together but I have no idea what the parts do. What book would you recommend me starting out with?
  19. mminutel

    Do you concider buying music on the forums supporting the band?

    I have had an awakening recently about buying CDs. I can go and buy a cd for ~20$ locally or for 6$ each off of head-fiers. Do you still consider this supporting the artist? If not, I will just buy it straight from the artist or continue buying locally.
  20. mminutel

    Two Outputs and one input?

    I was thinking of making something where I can either have my amp plugged in when I am listening to music, but have my headphones ONLY when I play games. I was going to make a box with some starquad going into it and hooking up to a PCB and outputting it into another cable, which would attach to...
  21. mminutel

    DC Charger Questions: Polarity and Jacks

    I have a couple of questions. First off, the DC jack that I bought will not fit so, does radio shack sell connectors that are good enough for the charger/pimeta? I found one that fits off of something I took apart, it has 3 legs coming out of it, if i go this route, will I just use two of the...
  22. mminutel

    Pimeta questions.

    What is the standard gain on a Pimeta? also, I am making a Tread with a 24V DC jack. Will my ad8066 be fine with 24V? I believe that is the highest rating. What about the AD744? Also, I need an LED but I cant really find a good one. Any recommendations? It will be used with 2 9Volts or a 24V tread.
  23. mminutel

    Projects other than audio?

    What type of DIY jobs do you do apart from audio? I am thinking about getting a WLC100 (I Have read the horror stories but I cant justify a Hakko when I don't do that much soldering atm.) but I hate to even spend the $50 if I can only build a couple of amps a year. Are there any other neat stuff...
  24. mminutel

    PIMETA: Thinking about it, couple questions :)

    Well guys, I love DIY now thanks to all of you and want to build a PIMETA to use as a stationary computer type amp. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. Notice that it will be run strictly off of DC until I decide that I need it as my portable. 1. Do I need to build the TREAD as...
  25. mminutel

    Chaintech AV710 or M-Audio Transit?

    I want something that will drive my headphones AKG K 81 DJs for the moment but I would like it to also be able to power my HD 580s when I get them down the road. The 580s will have an amp of course. Anyways, for right now what would be the best option? Also, I would definitely like to add a...