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  1. windwolf447

    Anyone still using the VALOQ player?

    Been using it for long since release... what bothers me is that the USB-DAC feature never come true! Do the battery of yours still functioning well? Despite these I still like the sound a lot (with MUSE02 Opamp) though :)
  2. windwolf447

    JPS Abyss Lite - In very good condition.

    Hello, I am selling my JPS Abyss Lite, around 11 month old so still have 2 year warranty, asking for 2000GBP (include shipping) Didn't use it a lot so its still in very good condition (Shown in pictures). Its was bought from Hong Kong and I brought it along with me to UK with all the...
  3. windwolf447

    Is there any comparison between Schiit Yggdrasil and Metrum Pavane?

    I am going to buy one of these, I googled them but I don't see any direct comparison between them. I hope someone can share about their experience. Thank you.
  4. windwolf447

    My review on the HD800 & Pathos Aurium combo

    Hello everyone:) I got my HD800 recently and after trying few amps I bought the Pathos Aurium to drive it. It really sounds good to me and here is my review on them.  
  5. windwolf447

    Some Leather Cases I made for players like DX50/90 and Fiio X5

    I love my DX50 at that time when I just got into the audiophile world. I made a leather case for carrying it around more easily. Then I started to make cases for my friends' players. Just want to share some of my works in here :)   This one is for my DX50 and also my previous player DX90.  ...
  6. windwolf447

    Review of the Dita the answer (truth) and compare to ie800

    Dita Truth and ie800 are both great dynamic driver IEM. I did a video review about the Dita on Youtube before. Maybe some people already watched my video review before, but I still want to post it in here. Hope you guys like it!