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    Review by 'zeddun' on item 'beyerdynamic Xelento remote'

    Disclaimer:  I purchased the Xelento Remote directly from Beyedynamic.  Beyerdynamic has not compensated me in any way to write this review.   When I heard that Beyerdynamic was releasing an OEM version of the AKT8ie my ears really perked up.   Based on the positive review from
  2. beyerdynamic Xelento remote

    beyerdynamic Xelento remote

    Xelento remote - Audiophile Tesla in-ear headset for mobile devices: Article Number: 718092 An audible piece of jewellery Xelento remote is our exquisite piece of jewellery for an intense musical experience: it emphasizes the precision and radiance of your music with every sound played. You can...
  3. zeddun

    Reply to review by 'zeddun' on item ' Campfire Audio Vega'

    Great review and video review. I currently own the Lyra IIs which also use a single dynamic driver. I'm wondering how the Vegas compare.