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  1. MrKazador

    MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2 Asking SOLD with free shipping to lower 48 using USPS Flat Rate box. Purchased 3 years ago. The original braided 3.5mm cable corroded a while back and I threw that away. Instead you get the stock Fostex locking cable that has been terminated to 3.5mm. Also included is...
  2. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Taken from the blog . If your line voltage is below 117 VAC or 235 VAC, and/or you plan to drive difficult low impedance headpones (i.e. HiFiMan planars), I would suggest a 14+ VAC transformer at 400+ mA. The best Mouser transformers are the WAU16-400, 412-218054 or WAU16-1000 CUI. But those...
  3. MrKazador

    Help with Asus Xonar D2/D2X / Asus Audio Center and my subwoofer (0.1)!!

    Turn off flexbass and have the receiver handle bass management, its probably disabled.
  4. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    I never built anything like the o2 but I have done some soldering. It really wasn't that difficult and there is tons of information on how to build and test it. If you're confident in your soldering abilities then I say go for it!
  5. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Why do you need the schematic? Buy the PCB and case at jdslab. The PCB has a silkscreen of all the components so you just drop the right part in there and solder. I use my o2 as a desktop amp with no batteries, just a wall adapter.
  6. MrKazador

    The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming Audio (with binaural headphone surround sound)

    Does the Xonar DX (or any other high quality sound card) support Dolby Headphone through the line output so it can be used with an amp? I'm thinking about upgrading my Xonar DG which supports this feature. 
  7. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Pushed in is 6.5x. Volume depends on your source output voltage and gain setting (2.5 or 6.5).
  8. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

      2.5x doesn't clip at all with full Windows volume which is why I'm using 6.5x to get the most that I can from the amp. I could adjust the gain but I don't really feel like it...
  9. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC   I'm using the Fiio D3, it doesn't list the output voltage. o2 is set to 6.5x gain and adjusting the Windows 7 volume so it doesn't clip.
  10. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    The loudest I measured my mrspeakers mad dogs 3.2 was about 110db with the o2. This was a hair before clipping.
  11. MrKazador

    O2 AMP + ODAC

    You can flood the pins with solder and use your iron at an angle. Another option is to use a solder called chip quick.
  12. MrKazador

    **MrSpeakers Mad Dog: Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    The alpha pads are extremely light. I've never used the old pads but I doubt either of them add any noticeable weight to the headphones.
  13. MrKazador

    Concept/Question: Using a HT Receiver as a DAC, having both 5.1 and headphones at the same time, Virtual Sound Device?

    ffdshow can remap channels. I think I remember a similar component for foobar that allows you to remap channels.
  14. MrKazador

    Can't get subwoofer to work with DTS Connect and Creative X-Fi Titanium

    Make sure bass management is enabled in the receiver and speakers set to small.
  15. MrKazador

    Am I getting the most from my headphones and amp?

    Mad Dogs   Xonar DG optical -> Fiio D30k   DIY Objective2 (stock components)   To set the output correctly on my PC I created a 1khz tone at 0db and played that through...
  16. MrKazador

    Is there a DIY amp (or kit) that compares to the Schiit Magni in performance/price?

    Yeah I seen that one, thanks. The o2 looks nice and they have a PCB.
  17. MrKazador

    Just got a Xonar DG...HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

    I'm getting a Xonar DG tomorrow to replace my very old chaintech av710.
  18. MrKazador

    ATTN: People who own a sound card that supports Dolby Headphone, I have a question...

    Sometime in the future I plan to buy a sound card which supports Dolby Headphone. Can your sound card be configured so the Line-out has Dolby Headphone enabled? Right now I have an old go-vibe amp which I plan to use. Later on I'll build my own amp when I upgrade my HD555. For this reason I...
  19. MrKazador

    How do I create an impulse response?

    I like the bass boost feature on my meizu m6. Wondering if its possible to capture that somehow and create an Impulse Response out of it. I don't want to use eq because it doesn't sound the same. Thanks!
  20. MrKazador

    Why can't I solder wire in the stock HD580 cable?

    Solder paste     Try leaving your soldering iron on for 3-5 minutes with LOTS of solder on the tip. Don't mess with it so it gets as hot as possible. If the wires have any nylon, remove that with a nail clipper. Now hold the enamel coated wire over the ball of solder, you'll see the...
  21. MrKazador

    Why can't I solder wire in the stock HD580 cable?

    Your iron probably can't get hot enough to burn the enamel off. You can try a match, lighter, or stove, whatever can produce a flame. Not flux, solder paste. I don't think paste would help, your iron can't get hot enough.
  22. MrKazador

    Why can't I solder wire in the stock HD580 cable?

    Put lots of solder on the tip of your iron so it forms a blob. Place the enamel coated wire on the blob of solder and it will burn the enamel off and tin the wire. I use a 45w desoldering pump from radioshack. The 15w radioshack iron doesn't get hot enough. Some people suggest to burn off the...
  23. MrKazador

    USB to Optical?

    There may also be a header on the motherboard which you can use. All that is needed is a spdif bracket which you can buy on ebay for around $15. Quote: