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  1. ccontreras

    Pics of ipod carrying case (only the best)

    the perfect ipod carrying case?? if someone asked you what would protect your iPod more, aluminum or wood, what would you choose? *bbzzzzzz* Wrong. The answer is wood, or at least the Dutch company Miniot thinks so. They have a wooden iPod carrying case designed to protect the precious, and...
  2. ccontreras

    Some has schemes of tube stage??

    Hi all I´m looking for this or some similar, for future project DIY Class A tube stage for 999ES a tubes 5687WA TUNG-SOL - some ideas?
  3. ccontreras

    WBT: Grado RA-1 AC or DC

    I am looking to buy a amp Grado RA in good conditions. If anyone is looking to sell please PM me. Thanks!