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  1. Technex

    Look at these old headphones! (probably not that old but going to share anyway!)

    Found these in the loft the other day, I don't have anything to plug them into and I doubt they're much cop at all but they have leather pads :).   It says Realistic Tandy 40, after a bit of Googling it appears they are a brand of Radio shack or equivalent.  
  2. Technex

    WTB HP-A1000 Audio Technica A1000 / A900Ti ear pads (A900 Ti)

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for some HP-A1000 ear pads, these are the ones for the Audio Technica A1000 / A900Ti.   New or lightly used.   Please P.M or email.   World wide.     Thanks,   Laurence      
  3. Technex

    Car CD/USB player suggestions?

    Hi guys,   Well I've been looking around, even bought a Kenwood head unit which was awful. I'm not sure who to ask so I thought I would come here, not sure if there are any better forums for car radios...   Could anyone suggest me a Car CD/USB player head unit which does the following...
  4. Technex

    Best sounding Player for PC?

    Hi, I'm just wondering what the best sounding player is for Windows 7 out of the following: Foobar2000 VLC Player KMPlayer (Latest versions seem to be including spyware though) (Flat EQ) Thanks.
  5. Technex

    Bass sweeps (break-in) Damage?

    Hey guys, I've read in a few places that bass sweep files used for break-in can damage new headphones/IEM's. Is this true? I thought bass sweeping was ideal as it loosens up the diaphragms (along with other sweeps/pink noise) Also, how long should you allow between rests (blank audio...
  6. Technex

    New IEM's (Max £50 $85) Wondering what to get.

    Hey guys, Hope you're all having a great day, I just wanted to ask a question which has been on my mind for a while... There are so many IEM's out there so I need your help... I've owned some JVC marshmallows (HA-FX33) for a long time, paired with my Samsung P3 DAP but they broke the other...
  7. Technex

    Sansa Clip questions

    Hi everyone, At first I didn't like the look of the Sansa clip at all, then I kept hearing about the sound quality and how it's meant to be one of the best sounding players. This got me very interested in it. It's funny how the player it's self and it's screen doesn't look very nice (in my...
  8. Technex

    Good quality MP3/FLAC audio player with AT A900 headphones

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a really good quality MP3/FLAC audio player to use with my Audio Technica ATH-A900 closed headphones. I listen to metal and trance if that makes any difference. I must admit I haven't looked lately but last time I looked I really liked the look of the iRiver Clix...
  9. Technex

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium - Fatal1ty Champion - Front connections question

    Hi everyone, hope you all are well! Me and my dad have decided we're going to take the risk on Creative cards + Vista just due to the fact that there isn't any other good gaming card choice in the UK which has everything we need. My question is a hard one (unless you have it) and I've...
  10. Technex

    Sennheiser PX100 or JVC Marshmallows?

    Hello there guys, long time no see . I'm enjoying my Audio-Technica a900's thanks to you though! Thanks. This time I've come to the issue of purchasing some new portable headphones/buds. Now the Sennheiser PX100 and the JVC Marshmallow's come into my budget which is under 20 pounds...
  11. Technex

    New headphones, for gran ^^.

    Well hey again guys! This time I'm looking for some headphones for my gran. She needs them for listening to the TV. Surprising her hearing isn't that bad, but it still has to go pretty loud. Any other suggestions than headphones are welcome, as long as there comfortable I guess. The main...
  12. Technex

    Samsung yp z5?

    What do you lot think of the Samsung yp z5? I'm after sound quality and a nice screen. So far it seems to meet them. But I wanted to know what you lot think of them. And if there are better ones for the price.