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  1. Mr_Penut

    speaker amp help!

    hey! I'm looking for help finding a speaker amp to build. This is going to be used with my Royd bookshelves, which, from what I've heard like a lower power quality amp rather than a monster. My setup at this point is MAD headamp/preamp, mission cdplayer and technics tt. Price range is...
  2. Mr_Penut

    wtb: ultrasone proline 750

    canada/us is fine
  3. Mr_Penut

    FS: little dot 2++

    money or trades entertained located GTA local preferred 9/10, used only a few times
  4. Mr_Penut

    FS: HD600

    headphones are almost new, only have been burnt in probably under 100 hours of listening on them past that. no visible wear or tear except minor cracking on the underside of the headband, but its almost invisible to the naked eye. comes with original box, invoice, 1/8-1/4 adapter, original...
  5. Mr_Penut

    WTB: Senn HD25-1

    I'm in canada, show some love
  6. Mr_Penut

    wtb: cheap phono stage

    I'm in canada, and I need something to boost the output from my tt to my little dot amp
  7. Mr_Penut

    wtb: agk k340

    I'm in canada thanks
  8. Mr_Penut

    Question regarding customs

    while we all search for our own little slice of audio nirvana, we all find it in different places. I seem to have found mine with IEM's. I love my grado 225's, and plan to keep them permently attached to my vinyl rig, but they can't come outside. I enjoy the e4c's, but they are uncomfortable...
  9. Mr_Penut

    fs: senn 555 (canada)

  10. Mr_Penut

    wtb: Grado sr-60/80

    looking for a pair for the girlfriend, and they want 130$ Canadian in store here for the sr60's thanks.
  11. Mr_Penut

    Kingston, Ontario

    Anyone here?
  12. Mr_Penut

    looking to revamp rig

    currently have transit>Pav2v> sr225 as my home setup, and I'm looking to add a new set of phones/amp to the set. I've don't need anything portable, as 90% of the time I just use my 1g shuffle> e4c's, and can use my 4g 20 gig with line out to the pav2v for longer trips. My music choice is...
  13. Mr_Penut

    Looking to try the grado sound

    So I've been lurking here for a while, and have finally decided to go out and buy a set of grados, the sr-125 to be exact I don't have a huge amount of experience in the world of hi fidelity headphones, so if you can recommend something to the 200-250ish canadian rock/alt listener, post up...