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  1. wallace

    Any nva ap10h fans out there?

    I use an Ap10P,best headphone amp i have owned.Drives my RS1's very well,plus it also drives my old Alesis Mk1 monitors from a pc via an e-dac during the day ,i switch over to the phones at night. It has been powered up for three years now and just keeps on giving out detailed ,but never...
  2. wallace

    RS-1 Appreciation Thread starts here!!!!

    Can anyone give me a clue as to how old my RS1's are.They have no buttons and square rods.???
  3. wallace

    post your grado mods....

    Hi,my SR325i's now..I am using TTVJ Flats on them at the moment.
  4. wallace

    post your grado mods....

      I put these on my SR325i's,plus their brown leather headband.They sound much better and look great....
  5. wallace

    What is a Portable amp Good enough to bring the full potential of the SENN HD650's

    I vote for a Neco Soundlab V3,i tried some 650's on mine and it drove them very well..Battery lasts forever with the uprated version.
  6. wallace

    Grado SR-80 Glue Diaphragm to Voice Coil (reattach)

    OK,Give us a clue ,why have you taken the drivers apart.???
  7. wallace

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Quote: If you put the cups into a saucer of hot water the buttons will fall off and most of the glue as well. Glad my ,give it a push advise, worked.
  8. wallace

    How to burn in my amp properly?

    I have always found that leaving it playing at normal volume for 48 hours is enough.Never really heard a difference after that.Can not work out how you can have a good enough memory to remember how it sounded 200 hours ago.
  9. wallace

    The Official Grado 325i Owners Club.

    Hey,My 325i's are sounding superb these days,and comfy too.
  10. wallace

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    My current minimal set up.
  11. wallace

    post your grado mods....

    It's all in the mind,i have just fitted my new Turbulent Labs Saddle Manta headband onto my woodied SR325i's,and not only do they look soooper,but they even sound better,work that one out.Just waiting for my Vibro Classic's to arrive and i will be a very happy bunny .Job done.Will post piccy's...
  12. wallace

    KRK KNS 8400

    IMO you wont beat them for clarity and comfort,the bass will depend more on the amp used.I am happy with mine,not heard the M50's thou, It seems hard to get clarity and bass with closed back phones,hopefully someone will tell me i am talking out my butt..
  13. wallace

    CMOY, or PA2V2 as first (portable) Amp for Koss Pro DJ100

    Hi,I have had a cmoy,PA2V2 and a total airhead,i kept the PA2V2 longer than the other two,i much prefered it,only sold it when i got an AMB mini3 which i still use.If i had more sense than money i would have just kept on using the PA2V2 sounded good and never had a flat battery..  
  14. wallace

    Are grados the best headphones for rock music? Will i need a headphone amp to reach there full potential our will i be fine with my ipod touch?

    I suggest you get a pair of Grado SR80i's,still my favourites.You won't loose much if you don't like them.Better than any Senns for rock.My old pair work fine around the house straight out of my walkman,unamped. THIS COULD BE THE START OF AN EXPENSIVE JOURNEY,Have fun,and remember ,upgrading is...
  15. wallace


    FlySweep, you are insatiable, Forget opamp rolling,i rather think Neco has already done that stuff for you.. Best you just leave it well alone and enjoy it .I think it could be one of those situations where you change opamps for a couple of months and find you end up right back where you...
  16. wallace


    Quote: It just seems to get better every day...Thought you all would like to know...
  17. wallace

    Speaker advice

    Quote: Hi,What size speakers are you after,and what's your budget,let us know and i will look on ebay uk for a few suggestions....for you..
  18. wallace

    Grado SR-80i modifications

    I have a pair of 80i's with similar mods,i wish they had only cost 65 bucks. Go for it...
  19. wallace

    Recording Studio Headphones

    For me they have a clear detailed range with out any  emphasis.They don't make stuff sound better than it really is,if that makes any sense.. Thou' i am sure someone will disagree...  
  20. wallace

    Recording Studio Headphones

    No worries---KRK KNS8400....Others come and go,these stay..  
  21. wallace

    Upgrading my amp for my SR325is

    Stick with the LD1+with the right valves and opamp it works very well with SR325,s. Wil l cost much to much to upgrade to an uadible difference,IMO.
  22. wallace


    Certainly works very well with the V3,have been tapping my foot and headbanging like a 16 year old all day.Amazing detail allround. Must tear the phones off soon before i hurt myself.  
  23. wallace


    Glad you are happy with the M stage as well.I got my edac today and am selling everything else....Marriage made in heaven.  
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