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  1. Danny1

    Best Earbuds?

    Assuming I have an unlimited budget, what are the best earbuds available for all kinds of music, and overall have good quality? Thank you in advanced for your time!
  2. Danny1

    PLEASE HELP: Ipod Touch 4th generation, or Zune HD?

    In terms of audio quality, please tell me which is better, the Ipod Touch 4th gen. or Zune HD? In terms of all around better device, please tell me which is the best. I will be purchasing a Audio-Technica ATHM50S headphones and wish to get the best device for the headphones.
  3. Danny1

    Should I buy the Audio-Technica ATHM50S ?

    I'm new to headphones, and out of all the headphones in the $100-$150 is seems these have turned up in every forum saying they are the best. I like listening to rap, rock, alt. rock, funk, and dubstep. I love bass! I want some over-ear headphones that have noice cancellation. Should I get these...
  4. Danny1

    Need Help Deciding What Headphones to Get For $100-$130

    Hello, I am completely, brand-spanking new to this website! I am not very fond with many headphones, but I hope to be. I am going to be buying an Ipod Touch soon, and I want the best, over-ear noise cancelation (isolation) headphones there are for $100-$130. I want headphones that can produce...