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  1. Kumanosuke

    WTB: Gamma2 dac

    same here, I m looking for Gamma2 too.   PM me if anyone selling 
  2. Kumanosuke

    Audiophile quality hip-hop....

    try acid jazz    it is hip-hop + Jazz. To me, it sounded quite fun.
  3. Kumanosuke

    New Grado GR8 In-Ear Earphones!

    What "Grado has restricted international shipments on all of their earphones. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to ship this product outside of the United States" Why ? got demand but no supply !!!
  4. Kumanosuke

    FS: Rockbox iRiver H140 PLUS Sys concepts optical cable

    i m interested in your iRiver H140. can i have it for $225 include shipping to asia ? can you clear up your inbox so that we can discuss in PM
  5. Kumanosuke

    Bel Canto USB to SPDIF Converter

    i am looking for a USB to SPDIF converter too but do not know which one to get. can you guys tell me what is so great about Bel Canto USB to SPDIF converter ?
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