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  1. camille

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    boxing day shopping yesterday, and a relatively good sale went on at the Book Off in which I picked up 4 CDs -- all by Shibata Jun ( 柴田淳 ) Oort no Kumo ( オールトの雲 ) Tameiki ( ため息 ) Hitori ( ひとり ) Watashi ( わたし )
  2. camille

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    bought a few more CDs since coming back to Vancouver: 空の鏡 (Sora no Kagami) -- Matsu Takako アイノトビラ (Ai no Tobira) -- Matsu Takako Itsuka, Sakura no Ame ni... ( いつか、桜の雨に... ) -- Matsu Takako Insomnia -- Onitsuka Chihiro This Armor -- Onitsuka Chihiro Maximum Collection -- Max
  3. camille

    Best of 2007

    this is my best of JPop 2007 list, my North American releases of 2007 will come up later: 1: Tsukiyo no ame ( 月夜の雨 ) -- Shibata Jun ( 柴田淳 ) 2: TODAY -- Angela Aki ( アンジェラ・アキ ) 3: Uta Gusui ( 歌ぐすい ) -- Yanawaraba ( やなわらばー ) 4: Shocotan☆Cover x2 ~Anisong ni Ai wo Komete!!~ (...
  4. camille

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part IX]

    Quote: Originally Posted by chowk camille, from what I've read the ES2 are very sensitive, so is there much hiss out of the iTouch? the ES2s w/ the iPT is very sensitive. oh the hiss is very noticable. unless the song is really quiet w/ minimal instruments involved you'll hear it...
  5. camille

    iPod Touch

    Quote: Originally Posted by sberger sucks, don't it. i'm gonna get me one as soon as i can. 16gb plenty big for me. gonna love those commutes as my transit bus has wi fi. woo hoo!! boo! hiss! I don't know if vancouver transit buses will get wi-fi anytime soon; they have some...
  6. camille

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    yea, I'm still a sucker for Pokemon.
  7. camille

    Annual NHL Play-off thread.

    BABY!!!!!!! NUCKRZ WIN!!!!!!!! I missed the entire game, but did listen to the final 10mins of the game on radio (if that makes sense). I do feel much better now. no rest now as gm 1 starts on Wednesday. Bobby Lu and the gang should be ready!! Man, we seriously need Cookie back! I'ma...
  8. camille

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    5: Citrus -- Asobi Seksu Every Best Single -- Every Little Thing Blueberry Boat -- The Fiery Furnaces Wreck Of The Day -- Anna Nalick This Side -- Nickel Creek
  9. camille

    Official Jahn 20K Post Thread

    Go Go, you posting Indians!! perhaps a huge Curse update for the 20K post is in order...
  10. camille

    K701 Smiley!

    now a head-to-head w/ the previous K701 smiley floating about: v. FIGHT!
  11. camille

    Nina's Garden, a Japanese Headphone Blog

    I've been there once. found this nice image of ATH-A900LTDs, as seen in my avatar. wish I could read Japanese...
  12. camille

    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    No Promises -- Carla Bruni Crystal Visions... The Very Best Of -- Stevie Nicks
  13. camille

    New Website?

    just noticed it when i reloaded Firefox. looks nice!
  14. camille

    Sony D-9

    I still have that D-9 kicking around. everything works perfectly except the right channel of the headphone out is louder than the left. wouldn't matter if I'd use the Line-out anyway. With the adaptor, for $8 it's a damn good deal...
  15. camille

    Mika Nakashima is awesome.

    I can't get enough of the song 雪の華 "Yuki No Hana" from the BEST album. time to go album hunting!
  16. camille

    Any Snow patrol fans picked up "eyes open"?

    I haven't picked it up yet, but I love the song "Set Fire To The Third Bar" with Martha Wainwright. hopefully soon.
  17. camille

    Your Favorite Supra-Aural.....

    Audio Technica ATH-ES7s!!
  18. camille

    Upcoming shows you plan on attending?

    bringing this thread back up... first concerts attending this year, hopefully if they're not sold out by then: Lily Allen - Commodore Ballroom - 27 March Regina Spektor - Commodore Ballroom - 21 April already bought tix for: Feist - Orpheum - 16 May
  19. camille

    Favorite "One Hit Wonder"

    damn, I can't believe no one has mentioned "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. That song always does it for me! gotta love the parachute pants!!!
  20. camille

    Sleater Kinney - I don't get it??

    I haven't gotten a chance to listen to their previous work, but The Woods is now starting to grow on me. upon importing, I combined the final tracks, Let's Call It Love + Night Light on account of the transition in between tracks and they're both my favourite songs off that album for that...
  21. camille

    Proper length for ALO cable: ipod to TBH?

    just throwing a suggestion out there; inquire for a custom ALO cable w/ right-angled miniplug to connect to the bithead? should ease strain on both cable and TBH in-jack.
  22. camille

    iTunes update: full screen CoverFlow

    YAY for Dora!!! updating iTunes as we speak. I doubt I'd be using that feature much, considering the coverflow feature (non-full screen) is a bit slow to begin with what with taking a whole chunk of memory....
  23. camille

    Sony MDR-EX90LP HELP!!!

    I've never seen anyone who had EX90s that look like Pic 1. the right and left indicators are in the housing area, near the tubing. unless Sony revised the EX90s design (highly unlikely), the 1st pic is fake.
  24. camille

    How many pairs of headphones do you lug with you on the road?

    I do carry 3 most times (2 are stashed in my pack -- Philips SHL9500, iBuds) including the ones I'd be currently using at the time. Initially, the iBuds are there for a "just because" reason; and my SHL9500s are my lunch break cans. Not only that, my Shuffle is kept in the bag; again, for a...
  25. camille is awesome!

    I got a good chuckle when I placed my order for a Regina Spektor CD and got that email. what's more is their follow up email asking you to review the disc. I forgot what it said (nor can find that email) but it does have that similar humourous text included. good stuff.