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    Power cable conductor shapes?

    Example:         Seriously?  Truth or snake oil (aka lying).    
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    Recommend a transport "only"

    No 'one box' need apply, transport 'only', any price. What's good, better, best.
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    If I need a 15v power supply does the amperage matter?

    Clueless about electricity.
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    Your burn in method

    I'm getting cans that everyone says to burn in.... so.... I'll be burning them in - well done! I'm a little concerned about overworking any components involved. Do you burn in 24/7 for weeks? Overnight only? Help?
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    Gilmore Lite wall wart buzzes?

    Anyone else have that problem?
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    Big Dogs Flagships List

    Add to, correct and dispute. Current and pending availability list, not all time greatest. Senn: HD800 Ultrasone: Ed8 Beyer: T1 Grado: PS1000 Stax: 007 AT: ? Denon: ? German Maestro: ? AKG: ? Who are the big dogs and what's TOTL?
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    VISTA - speakers OR headphones?

    Seems like I have to go into 'SOUND' and change the default to speakers OR headphone, is there a way to just have both? Not for 'real listening' but previewing CD sample clips, etc.
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    Look at this CDP

    Don't know how it sounds but I like how it looks: More pics at: YAQIN SD-32A 6N8P Valve Tube Hi-End HDCD CD Player New - eBay
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    GRADO HP 1000 on Ebay

    If anyone's interested: GRADO HEADPHONES SIGNATURE HP 1000 NOS NEAR MINT RARE! Not mine, not associated. Don't know if it's real, good, or a deal, just a heads up.
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    Same headphone, different ohms?

    Example: DT880 600, 250, 32 ohm. Why, what's the difference? And what's the deal with Frequency Response? Average hearing is 20 - 20K approx from what I looked up, so what's better about lower and much higher FR if anything? Science n00b here.
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    yea or nay: Sound Improvement Disc

    NEW! SID - Sound Improvement Disc - WORLD's BEST CD MAT - eBay (item 160379703047 end time Nov-29-09 09:20:44 PST)
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    The Emm Labs XDS1 is available!

    :spiral eyes: uhhhggg... *clunk* (that's me getting the vapors and passing out) EMM Labs - XDS1 Reference CD and SACD Player Now where to scrape up $25K?
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    For bass lovers ... lol

    SKULLCANDY Skullcrusher Headphones 154695125 Quote: Originally Posted by SKULLCANDY Skullcandy Skullcrusher headphones. If a shock-and-awe level of bass has been missing from your life, look no further. Stereo speakers PLUS mini-sub woofers in each ear of the Skullcrusher let...
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    Should I get DT 150s?

    I only have experience with the HD800 but I want something good for my SE amp so I don't have to keep swapping cables. I read that DT 150s are 'pretty good': Quote: Originally Posted by a review Criminally underrated headphones man, I cannot stress that enough. First, let me tell...
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    Audiophile sources ... not.

    Saw it, had to post it: New Joy Mangano's The Candle Disc Player - CD Player - eBay (item 280401070446 end time Oct-23-09 10:23:28 PDT)
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    Tubeheads - what's up with these tubes?

    Look at the picture: Can two tubes, same brand & type, have such different looking parts inside? On Ebay: GOLD AERO ECC82/12AU7 PAIR PHONO MC TUBES - eBay (item 230386558127 end time Oct-14-09 17:17:21 PDT)
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    Tube matching with mixed manufacturers?

    You require a matched pair or quad, the tubes are the same part number or equivalent and have matched readings but are different makes? Anyone done this? Good results or bad idea?
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    12AU7 aficionados please reply

    What do you have, had that are awesome? And why so impressive? I've heard of: RCA clear top 50's Mullard 7316 Amperex as being good. I got some alleged Telefunken: here, haven't tried them yet. I found this list of alternate numbers for 12AU7: 12AU7/12AU7A The only...
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    Multi Amp Owners - amp switching device?

    You have more amps than your source has outputs for. Do you switch cables to use each amp or do you have some amp hub component to route your source to different amps? I'll have at least one tube & one SS and my source has one output, hence the question.
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    Recommend a tube testing machine!

    Got one? What's a good / the best one(s)? Who sells them? Thanks!
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    A better DC cable?

    Surfed aground on this DC cable... anyone care to vouch for or scoff at this tweak?
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    Headphones by genre of music?

    Do you consider some headphones more suited to a particular type of music? Example: I use my 'so-n-so's' for rock and my 'these'm phones' for classical, etc. Or did you get your particular headphones with a music type intended? Example: I use 'brandX 666's' cuz they're the most awesome...
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    What's better CDP to HA or CDP to Amp to HA?

    Hey, welcome to my thread! Total n00b here: A. I know nothing. B. I just ordered my components and all I even have so far is Cans and Interconnects. Here's what I'll have to work with: PS Audio Premier Power Plant PS Audio AC12 Power Cords DiMarzio M-Path Interconnects Onkyo DX...