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  1. AuroraProject

    Looking for lod for iPhone 4

    Thanks guys! I'll be ordering the Fiio L1.
  2. AuroraProject

    Best iPhone 4 speaker dock?

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so I apologize if it's in the wrong forum.   I'm looking for a speaker dock for an iPhone 4 for my bedroom. My only requirements are good quality sound with some bass, and that it charges the phone. I don't need any other bells and whistles. Budget is $200...
  3. AuroraProject

    Looking for lod for iPhone 4

    I am looking to pick up a lod for my iPhone 4. It must have the stock Apple size dock connector, as I use a lot of different cases and some of them only fit the Apple dock connector. Any suggestions?
  4. AuroraProject

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    AT&T Quicksilver usb 3g card, Asus 1002ha netbook, 2gb Corsair ram.
  5. AuroraProject

    WTB: line out adapter for 3g iPhone

    Looking for someone selling (or who can make) a line out dock adapter for a 3g iPhone. Pm me with details, thanks.
  6. AuroraProject

    NHL '09 thread.

    Quote: Originally Posted by nghiasays Good game for the Sharks against Boston. They really came back from a poor 1st period, turned up the hitting and got a couple lucky bounces. Arrgh, I knew I should have hit the dvr before this thread!
  7. AuroraProject

    3G iPhone owners

    Quote: Originally Posted by cash68 I've used my friends 3G and my first gen right next to each other.... I don't really see any difference, other than his plan is much more expensive. If I were you I'd get a used 1st gen. >shrug< I work for at&t, so the plan is heavily discounted.
  8. AuroraProject

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    I guess we all have a different opinion of what is portable, and what isn't. Here's my idea of portable:
  9. AuroraProject

    NHL '09 thread.

    Go Sharks! Not sure what happened against the Blackhawks, we played like utter crap.
  10. AuroraProject

    something you don't eat?

    Raw tomato. I eat every other tomato product, I just can't stand it raw.
  11. AuroraProject

    Virgin Atlantic premium economy

    Anyone flown VA premium economy? I'm going to England for 2 weeks in October and I loathe flying coach. The price is reasonable, heck even their upper class price is ok. I usually go British Airlines, but I've been wanting to try Virgin for awhile.
  12. AuroraProject

    Buying a new tv, any input on it?

    The speakers sound a lot bigger than they are, and they are next to be upgraded.
  13. AuroraProject

    Buying a new tv, any input on it?

    To revisit this thread. I finally got a new tv for the living room, it's a Mitsubishi WD-73736, 1080p dlp rptv. Initial impressions, picture looks great, need to spend some time getting the color settings right. Internal speakers are crap, luckily I don't use them much. The set is very quiet...
  14. AuroraProject

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by necropimp Where did you find that?
  15. AuroraProject

    Routers requiring software? What the crap?

    I have never installed software for a router. Is the Belkin setup as a dhcp server? Are the computers setup to get an ip address through dhcp? When I had Comcast internet I would have to do the following weekly, unplug the modem and router, plug in the modem and wait for it to come online, plug...
  16. AuroraProject

    Rate the video games you're currently playing

    Gears of War 2: 9/10 I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I plan to go back and finish it on insane difficulty soon. Once I renew my Live subscription I'll do some co-op!
  17. AuroraProject

    Buying a new tv, any input on it?

    I definitely can't swing an Elite plasma, but I will go spend some time with a non-Elite Kuro this weekend. The Mitsu has a lot of features I like, but after seeing it again the 3d like picture almost looks artificial to me, like it's over processing the image or something. This decision was...
  18. AuroraProject

    Nice-ish watch for $100 max?

    I'm a big fan of Skagen watches myself. Skagen Denmark - Men's Watches
  19. AuroraProject

    Where are you from?

    Stoke On Trent, UK originally, San Ramon, CA now.
  20. AuroraProject

    Thankgiving - What's your favorite side dish?

    Stuffing or green bean casserole.
  21. AuroraProject

    Buying a new tv, any input on it?

    I'm in the market for a tv for my bedroom. I have been out looking at many, and I think I have narrowed it down to one finally. I was originally set on a Panasonic plasma, but after watching some for a while I can't get past the picture noise and phosphor trails. So plasma is out. I have settled...
  22. AuroraProject

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Some shots from Treasure Island and Marin last week. I still can't seem to "see" photographically, oh well.