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  1. JohanK

    Open sounding cans in the <150$ range?

    I am beginning to become interested in a second pair of full size headphones as I miss the comfort and open sound of my home rig based on the DT880, which I can not bring with me on every longer vacation. Even though my IEMs are hardly crap, they still can not serve as a complete replacement for...
  2. JohanK

    Advice wanted on choosing a source

    It appears that my financial situation will be better than expected this summer, and by looking at what I have, there is one component that is glaringly missing in my rig, that is, an upgraded source. I thought I could rationalise away this by spending my excess money on music only, but...
  3. JohanK

    Is my DT880 broken..

    ... or is a lot of people on this board complete bassheads? My DT880 (2005 model) arrived together with my aria amp arrived from Germany yesterday. Initially I wondered wheter it would be light in terms off bass and broght, as that is the most common opinion on this board. I already have two...
  4. JohanK

    DT880 or another headphone?

    I am thinking of getting a good home rig with a full sized headphone. The plan is that I will use my laptop as my source and use a Corda Aria as my amp. What is obviously missing though is the headphone. I have been looking into some alternatives, and am wondering about the following cans...