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  1. vvanrij

    WTB: AKG K240 Sextett's

    Hi,   I'm very interested in owning these again.   If you want to sell me yours, please contact me!   Cheers,   Victor
  2. vvanrij

    FS: SPL Phonitor 2730

  3. vvanrij

    SPL Phonitor + LCD-2, did anyone hear it?

    If someone has heard it, could you please tell me/us something about how it was?
  4. vvanrij

    IC: SPL Phonitor (Studio version) EU

    Especially interested if someone in the Netherlands would want to buy it, since its a huge thing to ship (though possible ofcourse).   Let me know if there is interest in my amp.   Cheers,   Victor
  5. vvanrij

    WTB: Grado HF-2

    Please pm me if you want to sell, I'm looking for a fair head-fi'er price. Cheers, Victor
  6. vvanrij

    FS: Stax SRM-323A + 230->110v convertor now 400eu :|

    Price: 400euro + shipping (price is negotiable) Item Location: The Netherlands State: as new! All vat and tax is paid! (new price in NL = 1200euro, price importing from japan = 545euro + 280euro vat+tax= 825 euro!)
  7. vvanrij

    FS : SRM-323A (with convertor)

    Moved to amp section, LNS is sold.
  8. vvanrij

    FS: Ultrasone Pro900 (modded + recabled) (EU) SOLD!!

    Good condition, comes with all original accesoires (case, 2 cables, extra pads) + extra cable. I can remove the 'Kees' mod at request from buyer. Looking for 350eu + shipping, or shoot me an offer. Cheers, Victor
  9. vvanrij

    FS: Grado RS-1 with Buttons + flight case (EU!)

    Its in perfect condition, comes with bowls AND flats, in a nice metal flight case! This is the semi-vintage one with square rods and buttons and the nicer headband (more padding)! No dents or marks, 100% perfect condition. Looking for 500euro + shipping, or shoot me an offer Cheers, Victor
  10. vvanrij


    I sold him my Stax SR-2050 system. Very nice guy, it was great doing business with him. I hope you enjoy them! Cheers, Victor
  11. vvanrij

    AKG K1000 cable 4XLR -> TRS.. where?

    Where can I buy one, I'v seen one on headphile, but thats like 75$'s, so with shipping and taxes thats gonna be 1/5 I'm paying for my NOS K1000
  12. vvanrij

    FS: ALO-780J SOLD!

    I'm selling my ALO-780J. You can read my impressions on the forum (Pro900 review, 900 vs 780J vs ED9 etc.). Its a fantastic headphone, and to my ears indistinguisable from the ED9. The only reason why I'm selling it is because I have a LNS, RS-1, a PS1000 coming to my way, and now I'm also...
  13. vvanrij

    Natural Bass: DT770 vs K701

    This thread is ONLY for those people that either think that the K701's bass is natural, OR those who think that the DT770 bass is natural. If you think neither have natural bass, then this thread is not for you . Lets see how this turns out this is a fun thread, so keep it funny
  14. vvanrij

    PS1000 Q&A with Zanth

    I had some questions about the PS1000, and of course our fellow head-fi'er Zanth is the only one who has listened to it. So I pm'd him asking if he could answer some of my questions in an open Q&A, and he agreed to this. I have made a list of questions myself, if you have any questions to...
  15. vvanrij

    RS1 Owners: question

    Hi, I was wondering is there alot of 'wear' on the rods? I'm used to te round rods which just swivel around etc, but with these square rods it feels like if I swivel em around too much (I always put it flat for storage), that it might wear. Any experience with this? Cheers, Victor
  16. vvanrij

    FS: SR325i Woodied!! (SOLD!!)

    SOLD!! I'm selling one of my most beloved headphones ever. This only because I just bought a RS-1 and a GS-1000 and a SPL Phonitor, and well, I'm not made out of money They are in excellent condition, and sound just amazing...
  17. vvanrij

    Someone help me please, grado flats.

    I would like to order some grado flats for my newly acquired RS-1 which I expect here next week. So I checked out TTVJ, first of all they are 35$! so thats amazingly expensive, but o-well. Then I signed up, and got a 10$ discount, yay, so I was ready to order them anyway. Then the shipping cost...
  18. vvanrij

    Best sounding clip-ons (in your opinion)

    I only know of the Koss and the Audio Technica ATH-EW9, are there any more, and if you know more, could you rank them? Thanks so much, I need some beach headphones, full-size scares the chicks away.
  19. vvanrij

    Any headfi'ers in Delhi, Vancouver, Hydrabad, Panama City, San Francisco or any of the caribbean islands?

    I visit those places now and then, and just interested if anyone lives in those places anywhere near. Might be the wrong forum I know, but I dont think many people go to the members lounge. Sorry
  20. vvanrij

    Looking for: SS amp, no dac, price: 200-400euro

    Well the title pretty much tells it all. I want no dac because I have an excellent dac and I don't want to pay for something I'm not gonna use. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  21. vvanrij

    Instead of louder, I keep listenings softer :|

    Well the title pretty much says it all. Instead of what most people do by turning the volume more up when listening, I start at a volume level that every person that I'v met yet thinks is too soft, and when listenin and focusing everything gets louder and louder. I keep turning the volume...
  22. vvanrij

    Pro 900; Full Review -> modded mini-review.

    Pro 900 Review After looking around for some semi-portable headphones, I ended up with ultrasone. They are foldable, closed back, come in a handy and sturdy carrying case and also had an unpluggable cable. I was looking at the edition 9, but that one didn't came with a portable carrying...
  23. vvanrij

    Please help, NAD S500? NAD C542? For stax

    I can buy a NAD Silverline S500 cd-player for 450euro (640dollar). Basicly is this a good deal (its in excellent state) and will it be a good combination with a Stax SRM-323II + SR-404? How does the cd-player sound? I could also get the C542 for 275euro! Greetings, Victor
  24. vvanrij


    I bought thomas' his K701. It was in excellent condition, and fast transaction/shipping, and very friendly communication. Recommended!
  25. vvanrij

    Review: DT770 earpads on the K240 Sextett MP

    First of all I want to thank 'Tiemen' for sending me his DT770 earpads to try them. I got them today and immediatly tested them. Its tested on my Sony SACD player -> Monster Optical cable -> Zero (OPA627) -> High quality RCA connectors -> Little Dot MKIV Se (6H30PI + M8100) I tested...