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  1. chris_ah1

    Spotify, is the quality good enough?

    You guys are lucky to be in the US - I just bought Spotify Premium as am in the UK. The quality difference of premium versus free is readily discernable and really rather exceptional. I can't say it beats my home ripped lossless AAC collection of 330hours and physical media (although some wagner...
  2. chris_ah1

    New Audio GD "Fun" Next best bang for buck???

    Is that still the case between version A and version B? Looking at the website it appears that both version use ACSS. Where did you read the difference between voltage and current gain modules?? ty
  3. chris_ah1

    Amp for HD 650 options..

    Little Dot MKVII from little tubes looks very hunky - balanced for $400.
  4. chris_ah1

    Corda Swing

    yeah, so why cant the swing power HD650??? What would you guys go for - corda swing or Graham Slee Solo for HD650??? I am tempted to say sod it and just get the Asus xonar STX2 though
  5. chris_ah1

    ATH CK-100 First Impressions

    Agreed about the F30 It is the only thing i use as a backup to 5DMkI....another legend. Ck100 sounds too sexy not to give it a try. :'(
  6. chris_ah1

    ATH CK-100 First Impressions

    quick question - how come these weren't recommended for orchestral music?
  7. chris_ah1

    SOLD: Westone UM3X

    "One oddity, the left earphone vibrates when I tap on it. There is enough vibration that, not only can I hear it, but I can feel it when I tap the earpiece in my fingertips. The right side has no such vibration." Does this UM3X have the vibration issue? is it serious? and is it in the right ear??
  8. chris_ah1

    classical music lovers with IEMs

    Thanks guys. guess i might as well add CK100, X10...Custom 3 too.... ohnoes yes, recessed midrange might be an issue with classical stuff. Although there will always be the impression of a recessed midrange if treble is too forceful in comparison. Yeah, im in the UK. will have to get...
  9. chris_ah1

    classical music lovers with IEMs

    Right, now this is a quick question to all you classical music lovers. What are the sound signature features you look for in an IEM? Currently torn between the UM3X, Westone3, TripleFi 10 Pro and no idea I currently use UM2s, and whilst on some tracks they sound superb, on others I'm not...
  10. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    got to say if you don't believe bilavideo, just try playing around with equalizers or the convolver in foobar. You'll soon find that if you boost the trebles on a westone and lower the mids you move closer to an 'open' wider soundstage soundsig and any intimacy just burns away. Boost the...
  11. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    what is the warranty procedure if you buy used off head-fi? I'm sure quite a few UM3Xs are going to be passing through the trade section for people who want to demo it given all the buzz.
  12. chris_ah1

    Best IEM for classical? Looking for a warm IEM

    I find that a portable amp might not improve raw SQ - especially on the move when you have distractions and other noise - but when in a quiet spot sitting still the biggest difference is the clarity and cleanness of an amp via line out versus the headphone port. with 160GB classic I get much...
  13. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    yeah, a little bit of an exageration but it did make the sound rather muddy and low-fi. There was just something wrong. the fit and seal of the small complys was perfect though giving amazing isolation. When I was referencing the shures they are the black dome-like foams - often called shure...
  14. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Thanks for the info on the Tabula rasa Addict. I have it and funnily enough it must be mastered pretty well because I don't suffer extreme stereo seperation that some of my tracks have (from the CD or via ALAC) which an IEM that puts you right infront often exacerbates like the UM2. I guess...
  15. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    So for classical music with or without custom tips would you guys go for UM3X or W3?? I'm starting to wonder having read addict's long post whether my ho-hum feel with the UM2s is because they ARE monitors. That's all very well and good for quiet listening...but on the move that is a...
  16. chris_ah1

    Best IEM for classical? Looking for a warm IEM

    But is warm necessary or a good thing for classical music??? I only listen to classical music and I personally cannot determine whether I like the HD650, AKG-701, or Sony SA5000 (bright) approach. I must say that the brighter the IEM or headphone I initially like the detail and clarity from...
  17. chris_ah1

    Best IEM for classical? Looking for a warm IEM

    sounds like you want the spawn of tf3 with um3x. Not sure IE8 is it though. CK10? UE4 are also possibilities. The um3x might be a little too smooth, refined and balanced if you want any classical fun.
  18. chris_ah1

    Westone Um2

    UM2 is way too pricey imo. I got it refurbed, and even that was a little pricey for the SQ (£110 versus £230 new)'s good, but it's not £230 great!!! For just a bit of an extra outlay the UM3X is a better more up-to-date choice. I just feel that although the UM2s are very...
  19. chris_ah1

    Need advice on custom IEM

    Fidelity triples? UE4? Alien ears C as you suggest.
  20. chris_ah1

    It seems like more music is audible from the right side

    I've found this can be from a whole host of things: a) the tip obscures more of one side's opening. b) the tips are not inserted evenly into the ear. c) the tips are not inserted evenly on the IEM itself. d) the IEMS have different entry angles into my ears. e) the recording is...
  21. chris_ah1

    Overhyping IEMs on Head-Fi?

    I must admit though that despite FOTM syndrome, I haven't ever heard a really really bad IEM or earbud that I actually personally bought. Even the $20 soundmagic PL30s do what they do well and I would say people's impressions are pretty accurate for that. Same with the impressions of the RE2...
  22. chris_ah1

    Are these an RE2 Upgrade ??

    tips make a ton of difference on every IEM I've tried. It's just a question of physics in terms of the amount of energy the material absorbs or reflects as well as how much air the tip puts between the driver and your eardrum. Then different tips also change the angle of the iem in the ear...
  23. chris_ah1

    Custom sleeves in UK (esp. if for SE530)

    I don't suppose you can reuse the sleeves on different IEMs - like UM2 and UM3x? I hope they make my UM2s slightly clearer until I decide on a final upgrade. Also, how comfy are they and do you lose anything with the very much 'canal' orientated design over a whole over-ear+canal shape?
  24. chris_ah1

    Head-Direct RE-2 Impressions

    $39 if you get it without the fiio too...
  25. chris_ah1

    Westone UM3X Thread

    shouldnt be a problem as they have a very high input sensitivity. Sensitivity measures the amount of sound per mw generated. And the impedance measures how much resistance the iem gives to the power coming in. Lower the sensitivity, the more mW required for a certain db level. The...