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  1. compuryan

    Blue Jeans cables

    All in excellent condition, some unused. Shipping included to the US via USPS. Additional shipping for Canada/International. Feel free to make reasonable offers on multiple items. 8’ Blue Jeans 4S11 speaker cable pair, spades on one end, bare wire on other. $40 One 5’ Blue Jeans 4S11...
  2. compuryan

    Twisted Pear Audio USB receiver/DAC

    For sale is a working assembled USB receiver from Twisted Pear Audio:   Included is a USB cable, RCA jack, and simple plastic case that was never completed. $45 shipping included to the continental US.   PM if interested or if you have...
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    bump still available
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    bump price drop
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    For sale is my Beyerdynamic DT1350. All pads in great condition. Original headphone jack broke and was replaced with a Neutrik 1/8" stereo male connector. Some very minor cosmetic signs of use but functionally excellent. Free shipping to continental US. Please PM or email any questions
  9. compuryan

    what are your top 5 RPGs?

    These are old, and I haven't even played many RPGs, but here are some of my favs:   Elder Scroll's V: Skyrim Elder Scroll's IV: Oblivion Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
  10. compuryan

    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    Yamaha makes some incredible instruments, equipment, bikes, jet skis, and they're such an older and mature company than.... beets
  11. compuryan

    Best High-End Amp for the Hd650

    Find a used Beta 22, you should easily be able to get a standard 2 channel or 2 channel with active ground for less than $2000. It outperforms everything near its price range IMO. I was dead set on tubes until I heard the Beta 22, which has an extremely detailed, yet warm and groovy sound. I...
  12. compuryan

    EMU 0404 USB + ELPAC power supply

    Creative EMU 0404 USB with ELPAC WM220-1 linear power supply, stock Creative power supply, and USB cable. A couple very tiny cosmetic scratches on the unit, can't even see them in the picture. The last picture shows the modded DC plug from the ELPAC power supply. This is a FANTASTIC sounding...
  13. compuryan

    AMB β24 Amplifier FedEx SHIPPED AND INSURED

    I'm open to delivering just about anywhere for the additional cost of shipping + insurance!
  14. compuryan

    AMB β24 Amplifier FedEx SHIPPED AND INSURED

    Anybody? The amp is in Dallas, TX and will remain there for quite a while.
  15. compuryan

    Best music player for Android? (Samsung GSII)

    I like the andLess player. It is simple and free.
  16. compuryan

    Custom Gaming Notebooks

    I got my Sager NP8150 (Clevo P150HM) from Pro Star I was happy with their service and am blown away by the laptop. It kicks sooo much ass. They have newer versions now (P150EM) that have updated processors/graphics.   As a side note, I got a Razer Orochi mouse and...
  17. compuryan

    Post your computer specs!~

    Sager NP8150 15.4" laptop with AMD 6990m graphics. Kicks sooo much ass.
  18. compuryan

    Headphones for my girlfriend

    ATH-M50 aren't too big, but maybe you should just get her a pair of DJ100 since she has already fallen in love with them?   Oh and an electric (digital) piano is different than a keyboard in that it is mostly dedicated to accurately replicating the sound and feel of an actual piano, they...
  19. compuryan

    looking for balanced USB DAC/Preamplifier

    I picked up an EMU 0404 USB for a good price over the weekend. I also have a 5v ELPAC power supply I plan on using with it, should sound good!   Thanks for the information and input.
  20. compuryan

    looking for balanced USB DAC/Preamplifier

    1. Need a balanced USB DAC/Preamp to connect to a power amplifier. The DAC1 Pre is perfect, but out of my price range.     2. I'm considering the EMU 0404 USB  Is it possible to connect a power amplifier DIRECTLY to the balanced outputs of the EMU 0404? I realize TRS > XLR cables...