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  2. tim3320070

    Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones MINTY + Meridian Explorer DAC/Amp 2 cables XLR balanced

    SOLD In excellent shape, used a handful of times, I use closed back primarily so these just sat unused. Comes with the wonderful Meridian DAC/amp, plug and play with any computer and many phones (check first to see if your phone will work, no returns for this mistake). No USB cable included...
  3. tim3320070

    Meridian Explorer (original), great shape with orig packaging, free CONUS ship, free fees

    Bought recently, love it but I prefer the C5D I also recently purchased. I have tried several portables (E10, 1st Dragonfly) and the Explorer (and now C5D) are the only units that really improved my laptop sound significantly. The reviews are spot-on, it's smooth yet detailed, non fatiguing...
  4. tim3320070

    Emotiva Pro Airmotiv 5s powered monitor speakers mint FREE ship

    In perfect shape, used sparingly but enjoyed a lot- going back to full stereo system and no longer need them or have space for them. Ships in original box with power cables.   Free shipping in CONUS only via FedEx or USPS Priority with tracking provided.   Paypal only.   I am getting a lot...
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    Audio-gd NFB10SE DAC / Amp / Preamp fully balanced + DI-DSP USB converter FREE SHIP- read

    Fully functional NFB10SE with DI-DSP converter (Tenor 8022) and RCA coax cable from Monoprice. The DI has upconversion and can take an old CD player's coax out and transform it via it's DSP3 chip (I did this so I know). With the front selector, you can switch between a CD player and your...
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    Audio-GD Digital Interface DI-V3 USB32 w/ TCXO upgrade and Canare BNC

    Perfect shape DI-V3 with upgraded TCXO clock (original clock included as well) and Canare BNC cable. I have an internal version so this has become redundant.   Free CONUS (only) shipping- no international shipping, sorry.
  7. tim3320070

    AKG K550 closed headphones --Free Shipping and Paypal fees included--

    In great shape- some very minor scuffing to the edges of the metal frame, no dings or scratches. Comes without box, only headphones with 1/4" adapter.   Headband has been bent a touch to increase clamping- done around my wrist and is pretty minor.   Selling due to my need for more...
  8. tim3320070

    SOLD Audio-gd Ref-8 balanced Diamond Diff. DAC 8x 1704UK DSP-1 V5 W/ DI-V3 included

    I am now considering trades, I would want another AGD DAC of lesser value like a DAC-19, NFB-3.32, NFB-17.32 etc. plus appropriate cash difference from an established Head-Fi'r with a solid Paypal history (such as myself!).   Well, I am selling my beloved to fund other interests. Original...
  9. tim3320070

    FS: Audio-gd NFB-15.1 DAC/ Amp FREE CONUS shipping

    In perfect shape NFB-15.1 (newest version) dual Wolfson DAC and amp/ preamp. This is an improved NFB-12 essentially. I love this little beast but upgraded to their SA-31 amp so this has become redundant. Comes with power cable and I'll throw in an 18" Monoprice premium RCA cable because I'm so...
  10. tim3320070

    Audio-gd NFB-16 portable, class A DAC/ Amp (original version)

    This is the original version that came out- it has a loose 1/8" jack which can be fixed without much effort. The 1/4" jack is fine and of better quality anyway. This is the non-battery version they first came out with but a battery can be added either internally or externally (or just USB...
  11. tim3320070

    FS: Audio-gd DI-DSP 3.1 (ver. A), dual TCXO, TE8022 USB, Coax out version

    This is version A with the extra coax input and switch. In perfect condition, used about a year. You'll see some complaints about drivers for the TE8022 giving problems. I have no problems with my system- Win7, 64 bit, Intel i7 processor. I think if you have an old computer with a weak processor...
  12. tim3320070

    FS: Audio-gd NFB-10SE original version, free CONUS shipping, free 4-pin XLR kit

    I love this unit but it gets almost no use (this is my bedroom system). Original version without remote and Tenor 7022 USB (upgradable easily if desired). I will include a Neutrik 4-pin XLR plug and some solder for conversion of your headphones to balanced (check if your cable is 4 wire for...
  13. tim3320070

    Fiio E17 portable DAC/ Amp MINT FREE shipping

    In mint condition, I can't see a mark anywhere. Used sparingly. Comes with all original accessories/ cables. Continental US only, I won't do international, sorry. Shipping is FREE.
  14. tim3320070

    REDUCED: Audiophilleo 2 (AP2) USB-SPDIF converter as new condition Free ship in CONUS

    Selling this awesome device to fund a golf trip (hey, I love golf and Chicago is cold!). Comes with everything. Paypal gift requested but not required. CONUS only. Free shipping.
  15. tim3320070

    SoundMagic PL50 nearly new, FREE shipping in CONUS

    I bought these on a whim and they are good, just not good enough to beat out my Klipsch X10. They have a silent cable which is great and they are very comfortable with a good fit- good for mobile use. I have tried only one earpiece and I will clean those with an alcohol swab. The rest is...
  16. tim3320070

    JRiver vs MediaMonkey question

    I have been using MM for a while now and for giggles tried JRiver. I have Win 7 64 bit running to an Audio-gd Digital Interface to my Ref-8 DAC. I use Waveout on MM and WASAPI on JRiver. I have exclusive mode checked and system sounds off.   I hear zero difference going between the 2...
  17. tim3320070

    SOLD Magnum Grado Version 1 drivers, perfect

    I have these from last year- Magnum Version 1 drivers (only drivers, no frame). I never used them for a project I had planned and honestly forgot I had them until I recently unearthed them. You can turn some SR60's into some serious headphones for cheap. Search the Magnum threads for more info-...
  18. tim3320070

    Audio-gd Master-5/6/8/9 balanced head amp/ preamp

    I  have been waiting on this for a looong time.  
  19. tim3320070

    REDUCED: Audio-gd Ref-8 balanced DAC (V5 DSP) last of the PCM1704 DACs, FREE US Ship and free cables

    Selling my beloved REF-8 DAC as I need some funds for other, more important endeavors at the moment. You can't get the PCM1704 Dac's anymore, and this one has 8 of them! I do not want to ship international- US only. Included free are Canare BNC digital cable and Mogami/Neutrik XLR cables. This...
  20. tim3320070

    Audio-gd NFB-5, 9 switchable filters

    Something new from Kingwa. Looks like a Fun replacement maybe with filter switching right on the front?
  21. tim3320070

    Computer volume vs preamp question

    I am still waiting on a new preamp I have on order but in the mean time I have been using my Ref-8 DAC directly to my speaker amp (via XLR), controlling my volume in MediaMonkey (Win7 64). I understand this is not the best but the sound is pretty good.   What am I actually doing to improve...
  22. tim3320070

    Audio-gd Phoenix Balanced Headphone amplifier, preamplifer- REDUCED FREE SHIP

    In perfect shape, totally stock. I don't know the hours but it's a little over 2 years old. One of the best headphone amps around and equally good preamplifier. I am moving onto another of Kingwa's creations. First full price offer gets a pair of Mogami/Neutrik XLR cables included. This is...
  23. tim3320070

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm Mogami rewired to 4-pin balanced or 1/4" SE, your choice

    In basically new condition 600 ohm version that I recabled to Mogami to run as balanced with my Phoenix. Bought recently from fellow a Head-Fi'r who described the condition as 5 hours of use and I have added another approx. 10.   The cabling has shrink wrap and zip ties within the cups to...
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    How well do T1's isolate outside noise?

    As compared to say the D7000 which is not great or the DT770 (with leather pads) which is great at isolation.   Also, how does bass slam compare to the DT770/600- Skylab might chime in here please, I think you own both?