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  1. millercv

    GTA 4 Special Edition for 360 Sealed - $55

    Happened upon a deal this morning and figured I would check here before listing them on ebay to pass the savings onto you! Anyway I've got a few GTA4 Special Editions for the Xbox 360 - all in new sealed condition. They come with a metal lockbox, Rockstar duffel bag, book, CD, keychain and...
  2. millercv

    Touch 2.0 Line Out changes?

    I've got a Pocket Dock but I'm not getting anything out of it. Anyone use a line out with the new touch yet? Edit: I'm wondering if it might have the same connector as the iphone as opposed to the original touch because of the speaker and my LOD doesn't support the iPhone...
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    Bought an iBasso D2-Boa from kaldaim. Great communication, quick shipping and as described - Couldn't ask for more! Recommended!
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  5. millercv

    FS: PS2 HD Loader and Network adapter (and PS2) - added xbox stuff 4/22

    HD Loader and PS2 Network Adapter/HDD connector for the original PS2. This is the original pressed "real" HD Loader. It allows you (in conjunction with the HDD adapter and your own Hard Drive) to copy your games to the internal hard drive to load them faster and avoid having to change discs...
  6. millercv

    WTB: Crumpler $ Million Dollar Home bag

    Looking for a Crumpler million dollar home camera bag and figured I would check here. Probably a 4 or bigger would work best but if you have one lying around let me know! thanks! -Chris
  7. millercv


    These sets are all in excellent condition - they just have been sitting on a shelf unused for too long. Prices include shipping in the US: Family Guy Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - sold More may be added later SOLD: Beavis and Butthead Mike Judge Collection volumes 1, 2 and 3 - SOLD...
  8. millercv

    FS: DVD Audio, DTS, SACDs - reduced

    ALL GONE Thanks
  9. millercv

    FS: Buffy Seasons 1 & 2

    $30 shipped for the pair. I don't think they have ever been in a DVD player. PM me if interested
  10. millercv

    FS: Playstation2 System

    For Sale: original PS2 system with memory card and cables. $75 shipped O.B.O. I bought this second hand to have another on a different TV but ended up never really using it. It has some scuffs on the top of the unit. I've never had any issues with it the few hours I've used it. PM me if...
  11. millercv

    IC: U2 Ipod

    I've got a U2 Special Edition iPod that I bought to test the waters to see how I would like the whole iPod thing - I've ordered a new video one so I don't have much need for this one any more. It is in beautiful shape with just some minor scratches on the back - none on the front (there...
  12. millercv

    FS: Sandisk 1GB Flash MP3 Player

    SOLD I've got one of these: It is barely used - includes unit, usb cable (standard mini cable) and arm strap (unused). I really like this player since it plays mp3s and wmas, takes a standard AAA battery, it records, has a radio, nice screen, etc - I just don't use it. Full...
  13. millercv

    FS: Modded XM Skifi Boombox + extras

    I'll post some pictures this evening. This is the standard XM SkyFi boombox. I've added a handle to the top (really matches the unit nicely - the stock handle in the back is difficult to carry the unit with). I've replaced the stock speakers with better quality Pioneer speakers, and replaced...
  14. millercv

    FS: Beatles Collection LP Box Set

    Sale Pending Ok these have been on a shelf unused for a long, long time and my record player is on the fritz so I'm going to be clearing out some records soon... This is the Parlophone BC-13 beatles LP set which includes all of the Beatles LP records and a bonus rarities disc. The...
  15. millercv

    IC Iriver HP-120

    I'm thinking I want to try out the iPod world after doing the switch to a Mac. So I may be selling my HP-120 - I've got all the standard accessories I believe. Remote, case (which it has always been in), ac adapter and I believe I have the tiny microphone somewhere. I don't have the stock...
  16. millercv

    FS: PSP games and mem card

    Everything is in like new condition and all prices include shipping: Mercury - sold Ridge Racer - sold Tony Hawk Underground 2 - on ebay Wipeout Pure - sold Sandisk 512MB Pro Duo stick (includes memory stick adapter) - sold Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking
  17. millercv

    FS: Big PSP lot

    Gone to ebay
  18. millercv

    FS: Like new Grado SR-60

    These have been sitting unused for several months now so I may as well find them a new home. They probably have less than 10 hours on them. I do not have the original box. $65 shipped to the US seems to be the going rate so I'll start there. Payment via paypal only please. Thanks!
  19. millercv

    FS/FT: 12 ft MIT Pc Squared Speaker Cables

    This is the last part of my dedicated stereo system that I'm selling off - high quality Music Interface Technologies PC-Squared speaker cable. It has spade connectors on one end and pins on the other. $40 shipped in the US - payment via paypal only please. *SOLD* I guess I would be...
  20. millercv

    FS: South Park season 1-4 Sets, X-Files Seasons

    South Park seasons 1-4: gone X-Files Seasons 1 and 2 (real US versions): $95 Shipped US only and payment via paypal only. Thanks!
  21. millercv

    FS: Headroom Airhead

    I bought this from a fellow head-fi-er a few weeks ago and I really don't have good enough cans to really appreciate it fully (and need the $ for a trip that sounded a whole lot farther out a few weeks ago ). This is the older model. It is gray (not the black version that most pics show)...
  22. millercv

    DVDs for sale: Boxsets, etc.

    I am suffering gadget withdrawal so to fund my addiction I'm going to clear out some boxsets that I know I will never get around to watching... Also I will probably be adding to the list shortly. All prices include shipping. Payment via Paypal please (if you have a huge problem with paypal...
  23. millercv

    FT: Philips Pronto TSU2000 with cradle

    FT: Philips Pronto TSU2000 with Rechargeable Batteries and Docking station. This is an amazing LCD based remote control that will do just about anything. For more info check the review at: Great condition - only about a year old I...