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  1. SayNoToPistons

    Engineering Economics &/OR Corporate Finance question...

    I am also having problem with a question involving interest and inflation. This is the question: An investor lends $15,000 today to be repaid in a lump sum at the end of 10 yrs with an interest rate of 8% compounded annually. A: what is the real rate of return if the general price...
  2. SayNoToPistons

    Need an 80 minute completely silent wav file.

    I performed an Aux-Input hack mod on my RX8 and it requires me to use an 80 minute silent audio CD in wav format. I can purchase one for 8 bucks (not including shipping) but I rather not. I used Windows sound recorder to record 60 seconds of silence through an input that wasn't in use, so that...
  3. SayNoToPistons

    Java Programming help... 60 page portfolio due in a few hours! =[

    So I need to turn in a 60 page portfolio as a final in a few hours. I have trouble running my programs that I have made in class. This is my first time using jcreator on my home computer because I usually develop basic programs at school on school lab computers that come with jcreator and...
  4. SayNoToPistons

    Need ideas for college pranks.

    We're still stuck in our immature high school modes, so we're looking for pranks to do around campus. We already have the saran wrap + toilet prank and using a fishing line to trip people prank. No car pranks needed. We already tried googling but couldn't come up with anything good.
  5. SayNoToPistons

    Looking for a website that sells cheap cables but forgot the name =[.

    I'm looking for a website that sells generic cables in bulk (10+ ft) for very cheap. I remember that they were like Monster's but at half the price if not less. They had 10+ ft RCA's, HDMI's, etc etc. If you guys can come up with it, that would be great. Thanks.
  6. SayNoToPistons

    WTB: Laptop with blu-ray and hdmi output.

    Don't expect much feedback but let's see.
  7. SayNoToPistons

    Old school SUPER NINTENDO system with 13 games!

    Working old school Super Nintendo console with two controllers. Everything works. 13 games are included (Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Mario Land, Sim City, just to name a few). Make me an offer, no stupid low balling BS either (check the value on ebay).
  8. SayNoToPistons

    Do you know any good DIY forums out there?

    I am planning on building a subwoofer and I am having trouble designing a good tuned box. I already know of the DIY section, avsforum, and diyaudio. What other good DIY forums are out there?
  9. SayNoToPistons

    WTB: WHole sub, Subwoofer Amp, DIY materials, sub speaker alone, or etc etc

    NO requirements as of now. I am either planning on getting one for a low price or building one on my own.
  10. SayNoToPistons

    ANything comparable to the 580 at the same price range?

    I was listening to the 580 and i just fell in love with it, i gave it away to my cousin as a birthday present (yeah, it's one hell of a bday present!). I'm thinking of getting another headphone thats similar to it. i would like to know what other headphones i should look at (at the same price...
  11. SayNoToPistons

    The "KSC75" of IEMs?

    I'm looking for an IEM that is a good bang for the buck like the KSC75 that costs under 50. I know very little about the IEM market so please help me out here. The only one i can think of is the Jay j-jays but i don't know how good the sound quality is. I would go for ear buds but my ears is...
  12. SayNoToPistons

    WTB: Belden teflon coated cat5... 1585A/1701/DataTwist 350 etc..

    I don't want to buy giant 1000ft rolls. I only need around 150-220ft.
  13. SayNoToPistons

    Question for people who reads head-fi at work.

    Or maybe the little 13 year olds on head-fi? What do your co-workers or boss think of the "DirecTV" ad?
  14. SayNoToPistons

    Need a decent receiver/amp for my room.

    I'm looking for a decent receiver/amp for my room. I'm using the Technics SA-DA8 in the living room and i'm buying separate bookshelf speakers (looking at a few on, Tannoys, and B&Ws). I don't mind it's only a 2ch amp or if it has digital inputs (i have a Zhaolu DAC so i can use that...
  15. SayNoToPistons

    When does length have a negative affect in sound quality?

    I am planning on making special interconnects (I don't know what materials to use yet but most likely Neutrik connectors and Canare starquad cables) for Emu-1212m. I am planning on using the interconnect to connect my Emu-1212m on my computer to my receiver which is a good 6 feet from my...
  16. SayNoToPistons

    Cat6 or Cat5 cables for DIY speaker cables?

    I'm going to make some speaker cables for my surround speakers (rear). I don't know which to choose though. Cat6 or cat5 cables? pros and cons?
  17. SayNoToPistons

    Anyone watching the Rolex 24 at Daytona?

    I finally get to watch some REAL racing since its on fox now. Woot for the two Mazda's, 3rd and 4th!!
  18. SayNoToPistons

    Got to ask the lounge for quick help on soundcard... Help ASAP

    This was posted in the computer audio section also but i need help ASAP since i'm about to leave to my friends house for some good ol' groupy (don't think dirty!) BF2 gaming... I've been ignoring it lately since i haven't been playing games much. But now i want to get back at BF2 with my...
  19. SayNoToPistons

    WTB: New Banana plugs and RCA Connectors

    Does anyone have some collecting dust?
  20. SayNoToPistons

    In need of equalizer for my foobar > emu1212m

    Sometimes i feel the need to tamper with an equalizer for some of my songs. I have foobar and i know the equalizer certainly isn't the best and i'm using the emu1212m but i don't know if it comes with an (adequate) equalizer. What options do i have? Thanks
  21. SayNoToPistons

    Question for those who have experience with pricey equipment + cables.

    I've been wondering lately. Is there a reason to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cables (interconnect/speaker/digital/etc) rather than just getting a cable that is suitable for more households (like for example, speaker cables that are under 100 dollars). Does the sound really improve...
  22. SayNoToPistons

    Problems when using two soundcards at once.

    I have an EMU-1212M that i use with my media files on my computer. I had an Audigy 2 zs that i planned on keeping to use for games (since i'm a gamer). I can't get my Audigy 2 zs to work (i have botht he emu and a2zs plugged in right now). I can only access the THX Set up Console but there is...
  23. SayNoToPistons

    Need help from fellow Zhaolu D2 owners... Get a Discrete Amp for the D2 CS4398?

    I am getting a Zhaolu D2 DAC with the CS4398 board. I'm waiting for it to arrive. I was wondering if i should get an upgraded "discrete amp" ($55 or less) for it or spend more money ($150+) on a separate headphone amp instead? Source is the Emu-1212M and my current headphones are the HD280 PRO...