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  1. macm75

    VSONIC GR07 Classic - lowered price

    For your consideration is nearly new VSONIC GR07 Classic IEM.  I purchased and recieved these from bigbargainonline in February 2015, placed them in my ear for no more than 5 minutes and finally getting around to selling them - includes everything in the original package.   My issue has nothing...
  2. macm75

    "Rastapants 2" modded Fostex T50RP with Bumpers, Plasticine, PaxMate, Stiff Felt.

      For your consideration is a modified set of Fostex T50RP headphones with many of the materials to do more modding.  This would be for someone who does not want to go thru the trouble of sourcing some of the most popular materials for modding.   I had these for a few months but I recently...
  3. macm75

    SOLD: Stax SR-303 - Practically New But For Parts - Great Earpads, Frame, One Diaphragm

      Sale is for Stax SR-303 headphones for parts or if one wishes to try their luck with repairs.  These headphones have an intermittent low-level high-frequency noise on the right channel.  Months ago with no more than 100 hours on them, I hear this faint squeaky sound on the right side.  I put...
  4. macm75

    eXStata hybrid amplifier

    Sale is for my self-built eXStata hybrid amplifier.  Sorry US only - I do not wish to mess with customs. I was part of the 2nd round beta team - finished it 23Feb10.  Outside the normal components list, it contains the following… Separate power and filament transformers. Teflon stax jack...
  5. macm75

    Sold: KGSS Amplifier Transistors for the DIYer - incl 5 2SK389

    This post concerns the sale of all the transistors required to build Kevin Gilmore’s Current-Domain Electrostatic Amplifier for Stax Headphones. Popularly known as the “KGSS” amplifier. For reference, the design is specified here at Headwize: HeadWize - Project: A Current-Domain Electrostatic...
  6. macm75

    Sinbon - Stuck me with Customs Fees...

    Watch out for this guy. Sinbon stuck me with $48.25 in FedEx customs fees for a Mapletree Headphone Amp he purchased from me. The customs fee is in Sinbons name, FedEx tried numerous times to reach him but given he gave me an address (Canada) that was not his (the address turned out to be a...
  7. macm75

    Taking advantage of Free PCB Boards - Morally OK?

    Maybe this belongs in the members lounge but I thought there would be more folks who understood the question here. So the scenerio is a PCB fabricator offers free PCB's or large amounts of credit towards an order and you know you will never order from them again or "go into production" with the...
  8. macm75

    Ciuffoli Design Stax Amp Complete

    This is certainly in phase 1 (yeah a messy phase 1 as you can see) but I thought I'd share a pic. For more info on the design go to... Like I said, this is a start and a lot more playing will be made. My plate chokes cause crazy hum...
  9. macm75


    Mango purchased a pair of Grado SR-80's from me. He provided quick payment and very clear and concise communications. Extremely easy to deal with. Thank You.
  10. macm75

    Stax SR-303 Impedance?

    Anyone know the impedance of the Stax SR-303 or SR-404 (I know they are the same)? Could not find anything on the Stax site. I'm looking for the info so I can find the right output transformer.
  11. macm75

    FS: Grado SR80's

    For sale is a pair of Grado SR80 headphones. I am the original owner. As you can see I do not have the original ear pads and replaced them with the Sennheiser HD414 pads. Included is an extra set of Sennheiser pads that are new in the package. I do no have the original box. Sonically, they are...
  12. macm75


    Purchased the combination Stax SR-30 headphones and SRD-4 adapter from calcajun. Calcajun is extremely detailed oriented. I was informed of every step in the transaction as it happened and was provided with all the specifics. Packaging was top notch and he had no problems with a request I had...
  13. macm75

    Will my new 580's get better over time?

    I've been listening to a new pair of HD 580's for over a week now and unfortunately I'm disappointed with them out of the box. Sure I've heard the 580's are polite and laid back but if you ask me, so far, these cans are undynamic. They possess little upper mid - higher freq extension. Brass...