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  1. potato28

    BeyerDynamic owners unite...

    New Beyer owner: DT 770/80 Pro I love em.
  2. potato28

    If you could design an ultimate DAP...

    64 gigs of SSD, removable battery, 40+ hour battery life, 3" LCD touch screen, good amp and DAC, UMS/MTP changable in firmware, and a ton of codecs. Plus in a scratch resistant casing.
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    how do you find new music?

    Independent labels, promotion blogs and Myspace Music. Also just random encounters on youtube and in forums.
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by dantztiludrop Perpetual Groove Lief
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    poetic that GF looks amazing... I spent my bike savings on my new headphones, but I was looking at Coves and Brodies and... and... and... but they're all too expensive for me.
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    Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

    I use the comfy grip plastic pens that you get in a 50 pack I use my pens alot and they get lost, stolen and broken so I can't spend more than $10 on a 12 pack I do have a nice Cross pen that I found, but that's all I know about it.
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    iRiver spinn is out....finally

    Oooo, shiny. I need to import one of those.
  8. potato28

    Banff, Alberta?

    I liked Jasper better than Banff, less people. But the icefields are awesome and the hot springs are pretty interesting too.
  9. potato28

    most comfortable over time

    Quote: Originally Posted by alitomr HD555. I dont think it can get more comfortable than that. For isolating headphones I think the Bose are pretty comfortable. I'm with you on this one too, once they are fully expanded. If they aren't stretched out they won't be as comfy.
  10. potato28

    How long to burn in a pair of HD555's?

    I noticed that the bass really takes a back seat and the mids flourish after 150 hours, but I also have well over 2,000 hours on my 555's.
  11. potato28

    Wilashort's Feedback Thread

    I bought wilashort's DT 770's, great person to deal with. Held onto them while I got the money together, and I would gladly do business again with you in the future.
  12. potato28

    Folder-Fi??? All about Folder Bikes!!

    Your going to get a folder for Vancouver?!?!! Check out some of what the local bike shops there carry, they have sick bikes.
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    I ride a Norco Mountineer, I was looking at moving up to a Norco Bigfoot or one of the Shore Hardtails, or the Cove Stiffee, but I decided to buy headphones.
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    ultrasone pro 750/2500 vs DT 880 ???

    What are you using to drive them? You'll need an amp for the more expensive headphones to get the most out of them.
  15. potato28

    ATH A-500 vs. ATH-AD500

    Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Haha, time to bump my original original thread on Head-fi! Turns out I (thanks to you!) did have the money for the AD-700 and I love them despite it's flaws I have noticed in them. I do recommend Porcupine Tree's 'Arriving Somewhere But Not...
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    Looking for ~$300 reference, untouched, neutral, transparent, "artist-intended" headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by ericj the requirements are wrong. "artist intended" is a dangerous requirement - musicians don't hear music the way that we do. They don't even want to experience music the way we do. Pro studio quality monitoring headphones are going to be...
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    How many music genres are there?

    Genres are just a guide to what the music is going to be expected to sound like. That's why I don't judge by genre, but by texture and sound quality.
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb Xiu Xiu U2
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    DT 770 headpad replacement?

    Where would I go to find one? Do I have to call Beyerdynamic or does someone have them on sale somewhere?
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    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: Sennheiser HD 555 Kramer modded Marshmallows KSC-75's Want: q-Jays DT 770's A 900's Ultrasone Pro 750's PX-100's AT-ES9's
  22. potato28

    How Do You Carry Your Rig?

    Pocket, sometimes bag. I need some way to store my headphones, like an eyeglasses case or something.
  23. potato28

    here's my scenario(56k warning). What should I do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by -=Germania=- Piece of plastic + Epoxy should solve your problem easily. Or you could try and solder on a new switch. This would be the best solution, not very much on the market right now that fits what you're looking for unfortunately.