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  1. pelayostyle

    FS: Sony MDR-1R

    I have a pair of Sony MDR-1R that have been used less than 4 hours. Headphones are in perfect physical and working condition. I'm selling because I just don't use them enough (My wife wants me to do some spring cleaning). Feel free to ask any questions. 
  2. pelayostyle

    FS ; JVC HA-FXD80-Z

    Hey guys, I'm selling this brand new pair of headphone. I just received these yesterday from Japan Import on amazon and feel its too much trouble to have to return them. I've decided to post them up here and let someone else try them. If you like treble, these are for you. These come with...
  3. pelayostyle

    FS: AKG K181DJ

    Starting the new year by cleaning out some stuff from my collection. These AKG K181DJ's were hardly used, they might have 10 hours on them. They are in excellent condition and sound great. Thanks for looking.
  4. pelayostyle

    2 Russian 6c19n-b

    2 Russian 6c19n-b tubes. $7 for 1 or $12 for both. CONUS only.
  5. pelayostyle

    2 NOS Mullard CV131

    A pair of NOS Mullard CV131 tubes. SOLD
  6. pelayostyle

    FS: Little Dot 2 ++ / with upgraded tubes

    Its time to let go of my amp as i have no time to use it anymore. Its in perfect working condition and spotless. The upgraded tubes are a pair of Sovtek 6c19pi-B and Mullard cv4015. I will include the stock tubes as well. SOLD
  7. pelayostyle

    FS: ALO Cryo Micro

    I sold the rest of my portable gear and this is obviously had to go too Its the ALO cryo micro, its basically new, sounds great, and ummm.....yeah it works. I dont really know how much more i can say about it, i mean its just a line out cable SOLD
  8. pelayostyle

    FS: Xin Supermicro IV

    After much thought I'm considering selling my Supermicro IV. This amp is about 4 months old and has been treated like a kid with Brittle bone disease (no offense to people with OI). No scratches, no scuffs, never been used outdoors, never been inside my jeans pockets, its basically brand new. SOLD
  9. pelayostyle

    FS: XTRA X1

    Im selling my XTRA X1 because i have no need for 2 portable amps. Plus, i need the money for an engagement ring. Its about 2 months old and has been used for about 2 hours. It sounds really good but again, i cant have 2 amps. SOLD. CONUS Paypal or postal MO
  10. pelayostyle

    FS: Shure E4C

    Ive had these for about 4 months. They are in very good condition. I used these about 2 times a week in my office at work so they have never been out or seen hard use. Im selling them because im buying an engagement ring for my GF and need the money SOLD CONUS Paypal or postal MO Here you...
  11. pelayostyle

    Bill banning iPods on New York City streets coming Just thought id share this with you guys.
  12. pelayostyle

    Fatman FatFones

    Found this while checking out the Fatman iTube Anyone here have them?
  13. pelayostyle

    WTB: New shure foamies

    Id like to purchase a pair of the new shure foamies that are to be released in Feb. If anyone can get a pair before they are released please let me know. Thanks
  14. pelayostyle

    My LD2++ has arrived!

    Sweet jesus its here! time for words......must play with new are the pics EDIT: OMG WHAT THE **** IS THIS ?!?!?!?
  15. pelayostyle

    FS: LittleDot 2+ Silver

    I just upgraded to the ld2++ and want to find a new home for her. I did have the arching problem before but was then sent replacement tubes from David and it has since stopped. It is an awesome sounding amp and its sucks that i have to let it go but i have no room on my cramped desk for 2 amps...
  16. pelayostyle


    Has anyone seen or have this? Go to number 7 Looks interesting
  17. pelayostyle

    Power cable howto

    Ill make this short so as to not bore you. I just bought some Belden 83803 power cable with a pair of Marnico IEC and plugs. I want to build some power cords for my DAC and LDII+ amp. I was on and figured that flavor 1 is what i would want to use for my dac and...