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  1. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 1st meet 2011

    I might be a late entrant. Thanks for letting me know yukari. I don't have much to offer.   Hifiman Re0 Denon D2000 Meier Corda 3Move
  2. MightyFine Shindig

    Free 88/24 music download from Benchmark, makers of the DAC1!!

    This is perfect as I'm currently deciding what to study at uni and decide on career path that i'd like to follow. Audio Engineering was something I seriously considered but I didn't know too much about how to get there.
  3. MightyFine Shindig

    RE-Zero In-ear headphones Limited Edition Sample Give Away

    I'm still new to this audio hobby, but so are many of my friends whom I have introduced to my fantastic Re0's. Four of which eventually went on to buy the re0 or re2 as well. Although I've only listened to a limited number of iem's, some of which are up to 5 times the price of the Re0, I have...
  4. MightyFine Shindig

    [Deal?] Head-Direct RE0

    actually it's Beyer T1 and Audez'e LCD-2. HD800 has 1 less than re0.   on topic: Re0's are great for their price and are said to rival some renowned iems that cost much much more. I own them and I don't feel the need to upgrade from them anytime soon. Although the RE-Zero looks very alluring.
  5. MightyFine Shindig

    CanJam 2010 HiFiMAN New Product

    does that mean that the re0 is referred to now as the R-E-Oh?? I've been calling it that anyway.   lower impedence and more bass? dang get on it.
  6. MightyFine Shindig

    Music Game IX

    Quote: White Wedding - Billy Idol
  7. MightyFine Shindig

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Black Country Woman" - Led Zeppelin
  8. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 2nd meet 2010

    If only I were still part of the hockey team lol... and I don't think I count as a past student who is not a member   I don't know much about the business of organising meets like this, but that bond price dropped my jaw, especially considering that an audio related function would cost more...
  9. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 2nd meet 2010

    I was thinking hockey pav or old boy's club. I know it can be done since i've been to functions there that weren't school related.
  10. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 2nd meet 2010

    Quote: I have... Anyway guys, we're sort of taking over the thread here.   I've pm'ed yukari regarding details about the school so we'll see where things go from there.
  11. MightyFine Shindig

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Tron: 7/10   A cool movie, not so great though (and I'm not just talking about the graphics). The bikes in the Legacy movie look sweet though.
  12. MightyFine Shindig

    Writing a movie script, any advice how to pitch my idea for a movie.

    Attention to detail: the villian(s) should where a hat. Hats are menacing. Joss Whedon backs this claim.
  13. MightyFine Shindig

    What is, in your opinion, the SMOOTHEST song you can think of?

    Waves - Guthrie Govan
  14. MightyFine Shindig

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Black Magic Woman" - Santana
  15. MightyFine Shindig

    The Beatles Noob: Best album to start with?

    I started with Abbey Road.
  16. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 2nd meet 2010

    Cianyx is another person, you wouldn't know him. And no it's not Josh.
  17. MightyFine Shindig

    Melbourne head-fi 2nd meet 2010

    Trysaeder, Cianyx and myself all go to the same school which is located in South Yarra, a few minutes walk from the station. I'm really not sure about how to go about organising it however; there's a group/association that's seperate from the school admin that run the venues etc.. Carnegie is...
  18. MightyFine Shindig

    What did I just buy? 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone amp on ebay...

    I don't have much if any knowledge at all about electronic circuitry (Unless you want me to calc the V, I & R ;)) But that looks pretty messy; could he have used bread board for this type of build? I'm not sure about HP amps but my DIY pedal had a bread board.
  19. MightyFine Shindig

    Music Game IX

    Quote: "Road Runner" - Sex Pistols
  20. MightyFine Shindig

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote: Yeah I will, I keep forgetting to everytime I see you. Just noticed that you stole your sisters R02's lol
  21. MightyFine Shindig

    Headphone Sightings 2

    I saw some guy with a pair of K701's straight out of his iPhone/Touch at the train station... I took a photo with my phone but I don't want to post it on the net. I just keep it for laughs with friends.
  22. MightyFine Shindig

    Best Headphones For a Newbie?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tvrboy OMG, the K99 is worse than a terrible thing from the terrible shop. i own one, you can trust me I rather liked my K66's :/ At the price range that the MV1 falls under, how about the Senn HD555 or Audio Technica AD700?
  23. MightyFine Shindig

    Music Game IX

    Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb "Hello I Love You" - The Doors "Love Hurts" _ Aerosmith
  24. MightyFine Shindig

    Monster Beats vs. other reccomendations

    One other major con for noise cancelling, I know this affects the Beats, is that a lot of noise cancelling cans only work when the batteries are on. That is, the headphones won't work at all once your batteries die out.