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  1. buddha911

    WTB: Shure SE846 Clear

    Looking for a clear Shure SE846 with all accessories. ~1 year old or less. Shipped to Los Angeles. PM me :)
  2. buddha911

    FS: Future Sonics MG6PRO

    Up for sale is my set of Future Sonics MG6Pros. Though I purchased these almost two years ago, I have used them sparingly. The shape of my ears has changed since I did the original molds and these don't fit like they should.   Comes with the original box, and all of the bass port covers. These...
  3. buddha911

    Westone 3

    So I came back to head-fi after wanting a new budget headphone and have settled on customs, go figure... So everything must go! I'm selling my Westone 3's I purchased and registered in September, 2010. They haven't had too much head time, probably well less than 200 hours because of the D2000's...
  4. buddha911

    Denon D2000 - Recabled and J$ pads

    These are D2000's that I re-cabled with purple Mogami. The length is about 4-4.5 feet and it's terminated to 1/8". They sound very very nice and the J$ pads open up the soundstage than a mofo, not to mention the lambskin is pampering. I'll include the stock pads as well. Note that they are used...
  5. buddha911

    Re-cabled D2000 with J$

    sorry doublepost
  6. buddha911

    FS: Grado RS-1 w/button SOLD

    I purchased these from TTVJ in the summer of 2007 (#5928). They are in fantastic condition, as i have kept them in the Grado pizza box whenever I don't use them. When I bought these, I just wasn't serious enough about the hobby so i have no use for them except to wow my friends The mini adapter...
  7. buddha911

    the IPOD RUMORS thread [Updated to the EXTREME]

    So I'll start, supposedly the next ipod will be the true video ipod that everyone has been waiting for, but according to this it will only have 16gb of flash memory. That is not enough for me, nowhere near what is needed to carry a decent amount of lossless. sorry for the rumors thread, but I'm...
  8. buddha911

    ALO's Woodied Grados

    I just wanted to mention that these are perhaps some of the nicest looking Grados I've ever seen. I don't know when ALO decided to start selling headphones, but they sure look purdy. Does anyone own a set and care to share their impressions?
  9. buddha911

    Bamboo Earbuds!!

    I've not heard anything about these"bamboodie" earbuds.For $160, I wonder if they compete with the audio technicas. Has anyone heard these?
  10. buddha911

    ksc75 ISOLATION mod. PICS!

    So, as I was wandering around the forums this weekend, I found this thread. Inspired by one of the posts, I decided to make a high isolation ksc75. So, I ventured to a local sportsman shop and bought these, they isolate for 29db (later that day, I was at Sears and found some that isolated for...
  11. buddha911

    Head-fi map

    My contribution to Head-fi, I hope no one has done this before. Add yourself and enjoy. linky
  12. buddha911

    Calling all OPEN Darth Beyer owners

    I just found out that open V3 Darth Beyers are now available, and I feel that I know enough about the closed darths, but not enough about the V3 open darths. I know some of you have these new open darths i.e. Darth Boobies, Snakewood, variable darths etc... So basically I'm asking: Can you do a...
  13. buddha911


    So I need a new phone, because mine is sucking really bad, and my time to renew has come. I've narrowed it down to three, but I am really torn about which to get. Here they are: Samsung SCH-u740 LG VX8600 LG VX8700 Thanks. EDIT: I needed to make the thread title more interesting so I...
  14. buddha911

    What's (so) G00d about Darth Beyers?

    So after reading this here thread, I've become even more interested in Darth Beyers. The only trouble is that the only thing I've read about them is that they have mucho basso and that they look awesome. I've also read a little about the mids and how they are not recessed as the stock dt770's...
  15. buddha911

    HELP! My printer is not working!

    The printer that I have is an hp officejet 7410 all-in-one with wireless and I can't print anymore (It has worked fine for a year and a half). I went through the whole microsoft troubleshooting crap, and none of it worked. I have a working wireless network, I've tried restarting the printer, the...
  16. buddha911

    Shure Black Olive Sleeves for sale

    So, does this look like the "Back olive" shure sleeve, hopefully it is, I've been looking forward to these. Hmm, what size should I get?