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  1. Palpatine

    No more DAC 19 Mk III?

    I had the product page for this DAC bookmarked and wondered why the bookmark brought me to a weird warning page written in Chinese instead of the DAC info page. I went to the Audio GD website and looked for the DAC and saw that it isn't there anymore. It is now call the DAC 19 with two variants...
  2. Palpatine

    What cans do you plan on buying in 2010?

    I seldom replace or upgrade items from my hobbies. I have however sold/upgraded a few headphones already in under a year, and plan on at least one more upgrade ( see below ) in 2010, while keeping most of my existing inventory. In 2010 I plan to buy the following: D7000 ( sooooo looking...
  3. Palpatine

    Should headphone companies recommend various amps for their headphones?

    Some headphones are hard to drive. Some sound better with SS amps...some sound much better with tubes. Would it not be a good idea for headphone manufacturers to include an area on their website that recommends certain amps ( if not by make and model at least by specifications and type ) for...
  4. Palpatine

    DT 770 Premium (consumer ) for closed classical?

    I recently replaced my HD600 with HD650 for classical music. Don't get me wrong...the HD600 were wonderful with classical, but when I heard classical music with the HD650 I really liked the fuller sound of these phones which provided more bass than the HD600. I just sold my DT 770 250 ohm 2005...
  5. Palpatine

    FS: DT 770 250/2005 Ed.

    These cans are in fantastic shape. Comes with bag and box. They have about 100 hours burn in. Used primarily for classical music. $125 US ( Canada and US shipping $15 extra )
  6. Palpatine

    Question about Darth Beyers.

    Are the Darth Beyers to closed guitar heavy rock and metal headphones as Grados are to open rock and metal phones? Are they controversial...or are people really seeing a wonderous change from stock into awesome audiophile quality rock phones? Even at 80 ohms...or are people opting for the 300...
  7. Palpatine

    MK III back in stock.

    Just ordered another one since I like mine so much, I ordered one for my dad. Great amp, and great price. Very good reviews.
  8. Palpatine

    iBasso P3+ and high impedence phones.

    I have tried to sift through many threads about this portable amp, looking for specific info on the types of phones it will work well with. I'd like to replace my cmoy with a portable amp that does a better job with my DT770 250 ( 2005) and HD600. I like the idea of fooling around with the...
  9. Palpatine

    Seeking awesome sounding closed portable.

    I bought the K450, and it's OK...but compared to my SR60i which I use as an open portable with my iPod touch, they really don't cut it. I have considered the HD 25 I ii and HD SP ii. I'm not sure that both can be driven properly from an iPod, but I think the SP ii can. The latter has a longer...