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  1. Tympan

    Hifiman legendary RE272 SOLD

    SOLD to xutantuo, thank you.
  2. Tympan

    Non Over sampling player/DAC HM602 Hifiman with high end custom earphones

    SOLD! Great find for the analog head in search of a highly musical and non fatiguing sound signature (thanks to the non over sampling TDA1543 DAC chip and superior internal amplifier) Enjoy it as a portable player and/or as a compact desktop DAC Excellent working condition. Battery lasts...
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    *** Nice CHORD MOJO DAC/AMP ***

    Excellent sounding portable DAC/AMP in excellent working condition.   Truly awesome but haven't used too much lately. Comes in original box with paperwork, cables, CKK cable for iphones, and one month of remaining warranty.   Price includes Paypal fees and shipping within the USA. Express...
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    decided to keep
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    *** Want to buy: K's 500 earphones ***

    Interested in buying pre owned K's 500 ohms earphones. I'm in USA. PM if interested, thx!
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    Legendary Cardas Litz Blue smurf cable for HD650 HD600 HD580 HD535 HD545 HD565 SHORT

    Original Cardas Blue smurf cable in custom short portable length with mini jack !!! Discontinued a few years ago, this legendary Blue smurf cable is still considered one of the best cable upgrade ever made for the Sennheiser series, especially for the HD650, HD 600 and HD 580 models.  ...
  7. Tympan

    *** FANTASTIC VE Zen 2.0 earphones ***

    Rich sound signature with great details and extensive soundstage = Zen 2.0 Yep, Zen 2.0 sound more like headphones than earphones, very impressive!   These are my spares that I don't really need at this time. Fully burned in with 200+ hrs of play time, ready to enjoy Mini jack is standard...
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    $$$ VE Zen 1.0 $$$

    Looking for a used pair of VE Zen 1.0 earbuds in good working condition.  I will pay good $$$ for them.    Time sensitive offer, pm me if interested. Thx!   A big Thanx to b14cx0ut !!!
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    Awesome Fidue A83 earphones

    6 months old. Essentially in like new condition. Works perfect, sounds excellent. No really, amazing sounding phones for the price tag.    This specific example does not suffer the cable intermittence issue some have complained about. I never had any problem with it and it is still under...
  11. Tympan

    *** Classic Audiophile DAP/DAC Hifiman HM801 ***

    Perfect working order & near new cosmetic condition Complete with original box, packaging, accessories + 16GB SD card (Player has 8GB internal memory)   This player sounds fantastic. It has the legendary PCM1704 dual DAC chips. If you like rich natural organic sound signatures, look no...
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    Hifiman RE600 in ear monitors (complete & like new) SOLD!

    Wonderful sounding and most comfortable iems around. Original owner (bought in late November 2014 so warrantied until November 2015) I have used these for about 120 hrs so they are burned in and ready to enjoy.    This model is complete with all packaging, accessories... (I used my own tips...
  15. Tympan

    WTB ibasso DX90 pre-owned

    pm me if you have an undesired ibasso DX90 for sale. Unit must be in good working condition and reasonably priced based on the fact DX90 are now readily available for $419 from ibasso Thanks!
  16. Tympan

    Want to buy: JVC-FX850

    too late, closed.
  17. Tympan

    ATH-ESW9 headphones (authentic blue coil) MINT!

    Mint condition and perfect working order (no ding, no scratch, no smell, Mint!)   These cans sound excellent: warm, bold, detailed, liquid smooth, very tube-like sounding and don't really need an amp to shine. They sound great as is out of a smart phone or computer too! Some of the most under...
  18. Tympan

    Hifiman RE-272 Universal In Ear Monitors

    One year old. Excellent working condition. I've babied them. Wide range frequencies, super clean and precise. Nothing beats them in this price range. Sound amazing with both an iphone or in Balanced mode with HM801 player. Comes with tips and two cables (regular and Balanced TRRS) Being a...
  19. Tympan

    Hifiman Re600 wanted RE-600

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has some preowned Re600 IEMs they would like to sell...  PM me if you do, thank you!
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    AKG Q701 White Beautiful!

    *** Sold ***
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    WTB Blox anv3 IEMs

    Hi guys, I'm interested in buying some Blox anv3. Anyone's got some for sale?
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    WTB Altmann Tera player

    Anyone considering selling their Tera player out there? PM me if you do, thanks!