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  1. Trippytiger

    UE Superfi 4 or Klipsch S4

    I can only comment on the Superfi 4, and although I like mine, I think I have to recommend against them for your music tastes. They're a little light on the bass, which doesn't bother me because I'm really not a basshead, but I'd imagine that you'd want a more bass-heavy sound for hip-hop...
  2. Trippytiger

    Yuin PK series recabling?

    I'm in the same boat as you with my PK2. They haven't quite stopped working yet, but the cable is very stiff and starting to crack, so I've stopped using them. The closest I've managed to come to solving the problem is finding this guide to recabling the PK2. I haven't been brave enough to...
  3. Trippytiger

    YOUNG PEOPLE (13>22): how young are you anyway?? (part 1)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Caution 18 >:] Haha to you American teens for not being able to drink until your 21! But then Haha to us for having to import goods from America in order to avoid paying rip off retail prices Hear hear! Personally, I prefer it that way.
  4. Trippytiger

    Dollars Crashing.

    The Canadian dollar has also been rising quite a bit against the USD over the last few days! I'm pleased; I wasn't happy about the decline in my cross-border purchasing power. It's still much lower than it used to be, but it's getting better!
  5. Trippytiger

    YOUNG PEOPLE (13>22): how young are you anyway?? (part 1)

    Older than I used to be... and maybe older than I'd like to be, too. But still young enough for this poll! 21.
  6. Trippytiger

    My Amp is an explosive..really?

    Whenever I fly with my headphone amp, they invariably check my bag for explosives (which seems like a reasonable precaution to me), but I've never been given any trouble over it. Of course, that's only my experience for security at Canadian airports, and once in Mexico.
  7. Trippytiger

    The "What I Should Really Be Doing" Thread.

    I should be studying for my advanced boundary equations exam on Tuesday. And I am... a little.
  8. Trippytiger

    UE Attenuator Impedence?

    Well, for what it's worth, the resistance of the attenuator that came with my 4 is about 115 Ohms, assuming I measured it right.
  9. Trippytiger

    I just lost The Game

    It's okay! There's a way out! xkcd - A Webcomic - Anti-Mindvirus
  10. Trippytiger

    30% off coupon at 8g Fuze under $90 shipped, 4g Clip under $60

    Nice tip! I've been after a little clip-on player for a while... it's a shame the USD/CAD exchange rate kind of ruins the deal.
  11. Trippytiger

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cinders Just got my order shipped email from DX along with tracking number. I can't wait till it gets here. Likewise! I'm excited - this is probably the first portable amp I've bought that will actually be small enough to bring with me all the time...
  12. Trippytiger

    Worthwhile to go from Shure e2c to 4?

    I actually quite like my e2c! They aren't much for detail, no, but they've got a warm fun sound to them - at least once they've been modded. I had a bit better luck with my research after I posted, and while I'm not sure the SF4 are going to have exactly what I'm looking for, they're cheap...
  13. Trippytiger

    Worthwhile to go from Shure e2c to 4?

    Well, I've been away from here for a while, but I'm getting a touch of upgraditis now and Futureshop has a sale on the UE 4 that has me intrigued. They're $72 CAD at the moment, and I happen to have a FS gift card burning a hole in my pocket to boot, so it's a very appealing deal...
  14. Trippytiger

    Flash Drive-Fi

    It makes Speedy Gonzalez look like regular Gonzalez! Well, not really, but it is damn fast, if kind of unreliable. The speed is worth having to reformat it from time to time, though.
  15. Trippytiger

    Engadget question

    Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasJB What is that on the inside? If that's chocolate in the middle, put me down for a dozen.
  16. Trippytiger

    Looking for a new quiet laptop

    I8kfanGUI. Works on Inspiron 9300 laptops; should give you all the temperature monitoring and fan control functionality you need to keep things quiet on your current laptop.
  17. Trippytiger

    What are you buying with your tax return?

    Well, I'll say that I bought a Sony A200 with the money I expect from my tax return!
  18. Trippytiger

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    There goes my headphone money...
  19. Trippytiger

    advice at the workplace

    I know! Why some people like to be thread necromancers and haul up old discussions for no reason is beyond me.
  20. Trippytiger

    anyone who puts their ipod 'skin' in their signature should be banned for life

    Quote: Originally Posted by skudmunky Let the DAPs run naked through the daisies! Think of the children!
  21. Trippytiger

    Post Your Desktop

    Quote: Originally Posted by cash68 That's a slightly racist desktop pic. Ha. Because it has a black sheep in it?
  22. Trippytiger

    Tips for pumping your gas

    Quote: Originally Posted by BayouSlide Enjoyed the discussion...when's the last time the average guy or gal thought about their tire pressure, eh Hey, I think about mine all the time! Tire pressure makes a really drastic difference in the overall handling and steering feel of my...
  23. Trippytiger

    Post Your Desktop

    Beware, it's furry! I've been taking a little break from my usual wallpapers of photos I've shot.
  24. Trippytiger

    Any Electrician in The House?

    If you live in an apartment, isn't this sort of thing your landlord's responsibility to fix?