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  1. Tympan

    *** Excellent non over sampling player Hifiman HM602, analog sounding ***

    Great find for the analog head in search of a highly musical and non fatiguing sound signature • Non over sampling TDA1543 DAC chip • Powerful internal amplifier with high/low gain switch • 16GB internal memory • Great battery delivers 7-9 hrs of power depending on files • was $489 new In...
  2. Tympan

    *** Exceptional Hifiman HM602 player Non over sampling 16GB ***

    Hi Lukas, I did not tried the gr8 with it but the player's sound quality is very neutral and natural. I don't see why it wouldn't be a good match. Plus there is High/low gain switch and a 5 band EQ for additional adjustment. Personally, I've always preferred with no EQ... Hope it helps.
  3. Tympan

    *** Exceptional Hifiman HM602 player Non over sampling 16GB ***

    Hi Lukas, International shipment is available via ebay. Here is the link: I will let ebay deal with the international shipment but would rather not have to do it myself with Headfi. Hope it helps, thx! Cedric
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    *** Exceptional Hifiman HM602 player Non over sampling 16GB ***

    Non over sampling DAC and internal amp provide excellent non fatiguing musical sound Truly excellent! This model was a special edition with 16GB internal storage (instead of 8), larger storage box and replaceable batterie. I get about 8 hrs depending on files Has the USB-DAC mode I got out of...
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    Hifiman legendary RE272 SOLD

    lowered the price
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    Audiophile-HiFiMAN-HM602 *** SOLD ***

    Awesome find for the collector and music lover alike! Excellent working condition, discontinued in 2012. Was $479 new This little guy delivers SUPERB ANALOG SOUND thanks to its Non Over Sampling DAC chip and excellent internal amplifier Sound signature is very special: effortless, liquid...
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    Non Over sampling player/DAC HM602 Hifiman with high end custom earphones

    yep, for some reason they are not loading on this page. Sent you a message with pictures (hopefully they go through this way)
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    Non Over sampling player/DAC HM602 Hifiman with high end custom earphones

    they should be up now, thx for the heads up!
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    HiFiman Supermini DAP audiophile player

    100% like new condition. Works perfect, sounds awesome (IMO a very similar sound signature to Chord mojo), very musical and enjoyable. This player charges very fast, one of the nicest thing about it aside from size, sound, and design :) Comes as pictured with the original box, chord, paperwork...
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    MHDT Lab Pagoda: A review ...

    I once had a Hifiman HM801 with K grade dual 1704. Voices were alive. One day, it stopped charging and Hifiman replaced it with a newer HM801 with no marking grade 1704 and the magic was gone. Not sure how the K grade differs technically but it sure did sonically.
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    What do you think of the AKM VERITA AK4490 DAC chip?

    Zishan Z2 now using AK4490
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    Looking for Hifiman pre-owned HM601LE, HM602, or HM603 player

    Mostly interested in HM601LE or HM602.
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    price drop!
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    *** Legendary Sennheiser HD 580 Precision Headphones Audiophile ***

    Beautiful headphones in excellent working condition.   Sound is excellent and impossible to beat in this price range. Anyone in this hobby should at least hear them once. Needs nothing, pads and foams are in like new condition so these are ready to enjoy!   $149 includes Paypal fees and...
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    Revamp Acoustics

    subbed :)
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    *** Top of the line Cypherus campFred earphones ***

    1. shipping outside Indonesia is another $40 so unless you are in Indonesia, mine are still cheaper (basic math)  2. Some claim direct comparison between different Campfreds have shown substantial sound differences. And since mine were Herry's personal demos (Cypherus maker), I'm pretty sure...
  18. Tympan

    Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

      Yep, mojo sold, moving on.. Have fun guys and best luck to Chord (really enjoyed the mojo while I had it, excellent DAC/AMP for sure)
  19. Tympan

    Earbuds Round-Up

      Same, and it's been nice listening to music at safe volume ever since I got the Campfreds.  Also, I rediscovered my ipod shuffle first generation thx to Campfreds, listening to electronic music on this combo is so enjoyable, funny how different pairing yield unexpected results sometimes!