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  1. Eric Smith

    FS: Moon Audio Bronze Dragon

    SOLD!!! I purchased this a week ago and have since sold the IEMs I purchased it for. I would rather take a loss than send it back to Drew. I intend to use Moon Audio in the future and would like to have a positive relationship with them. So, here ya go...1 week old Bronze Dragon 2 pin with...
  2. Eric Smith

    FS: CTM DaVinci X

    UPDATE..Da Vinci's are sold on another site. I'll move the other items to the correct section.
  3. Eric Smith

    FS: Beat Audio Cables

    Hello, Beat Audio (Bugle) Cable for sale : Shown above installed on some Forte’s. (Second PIC) In box, Beat Audio Bugle (2.5mm balanced) 2 pin. This one is for protruding sockets but I've shaved a couple mm off the plug and it'll work great for standard as well. Even looks nice as it will sit...
  4. Eric Smith

    SOLD: The Bit Opus 2

    Hello everyone, sold my iems now I'm selling my player. I purchased this new a couple months ago from the authorized dealer here in the states. It's in mint condition and comes with everything you'd get as new minus one screen protector. I'm moving on to different things and I know there's...
  5. Eric Smith

    Sold***64 Audio Tia Forte (Sold)

    Hello, I'm considering selling my Forte's that I purchased directly from 64. They are in perfect condition and will come with box and paperwork. I will also include several sets of Comply tips and an Effect audio Ares 2 cable. These are B Stock and the imperfection, if you can call it that, is...
  6. Eric Smith

    FS: Earsonics S-EM9

    ****SOLD****Hello, I will be selling these to try and recoup funds recently spent on the Tia Forte. I purchased them new around 2 months ago and they will come with everything you would get as new. The condition is excellent and the sound and fit are incredible. I really, really love these iems...
  7. Eric Smith

    SOLD !!!

    ****SOLD****Hello, I'm letting these go to a new home. The ONLY reason for the sale is to replenish funds from my recent Tia Forte purchase. I have had many TOTL iems and these are my favorite so far and the condition is excellent. They were purchased new by me from Musicteck around 2 months...
  8. Eric Smith


    Withdrawn, thanks
  9. Eric Smith

    FS: Adel B1 modules

    These are new in package, I will no longer be needing them. Price includes shipping and fees. Before you post or pm that you can buy these from a retailer for $ advised. The only "reliable" place I could find these is Empire Ears and the cheapest shipping option they offer is $24.95...
  10. Eric Smith

    FS: RAL DAC Headphone Amplifier

    SOLD!! Barely used 2 weeks..Purchased at Moon Audio and comes with a Moon Audio Silver Dragon usb to lightning cable. This is the small right angle cable pictured. I have $475 in it and I'll let it go for $300 shipped conus including fees. No camera kit required makes for a cleaner stack. I...
  11. Eric Smith

    SOLD: 64 Audio U12 Adel

    Hello, I purchased these from another member (great person/seller btw). These were new and unopened when I bought them a week ago and I've only used them a couple hours, they are mint. I'm sure the original owner could verify that these were sealed up to the minute before she shipped them to me...
  12. Eric Smith

    WTB: Adel B1 modules

    *****FOUND**** If you have a set you'd part with let me know. Thanks -eric
  13. Eric Smith

    FS: Empire Ears Universal Zeus XR Adel with bonus gift (SOLD)

    SOLD !!!!!!!Hello, purchased these pre owned on this forum. Original ship date was November 16, 2016. They are in immaculate condition and will come with everything pictured. The bonus I will include is a brand new Jodi vac to keep them nice and clean for years. I will include both B1 and G1...
  14. Eric Smith

    FS: Sony WM1A (SOLD)

    SOLD !!!!!!Hello, I purchased this pre-owned on this forum. Works and looks perfect and comes with a Dignis leather case, box, paperwork and charger. I'm pretty much selling everything due to the fact it has not seen much use lately. If you are interested and do not have any feedback on this...
  15. Eric Smith

    Sony 4.4 mm help

    Got it figured out..
  16. Eric Smith

    Help with re-terminating cable with the Sony 4.4 balanced

    Moved to correct category, sorry :neutral_face:
  17. Eric Smith

    Shanling M1 and Mojo combo

    Hello, I have Chord Mojo and Shanling M1 for sale. These are both under 3 weeks old and mint condition. No scratches dents or dings, never left my house actually. I've decided to stick with the AK sound that I really love. These will come with factory boxes and paperwork, charging cables and a...
  18. Eric Smith

    bb rodriquez

    Hello everyone, Just did a face to face with Dustin..good guy and a great deal. It was nice talking with him. Thanks again sir  -eric  
  19. Eric Smith


    Hello everyone, Thanks for allowing me to join your forum. Ive been lurking around this site for quite a while. I've had some pretty decent equipment and I'm still trying to find my perfect fit. In the past I've had the Shure SE846's and the Chord Mojo used with my iPhone. Sounded pretty decent...