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  1. Capunk

    AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft cable.

    I'm selling my precious AKG K701 headphone, which already recabled with Stefan AudioArt 7-ft (2.13 m) Length with 1/4 inch (full size) connector (RRP $289 USD), and the installation is done professionally by our head-fi member, Stevenkelby.  The condition is excellent, kept in non-smoking...
  2. Capunk

    Upgrading from PK-1 (need suggestions)

    Hi guys, I wanted to upgrade my portable setup, and this time I decide to give IEM a 2nd chance, as I hated my previous Ety's ER-6i. I'm looking for an IEM that: - A decent upgrade from Yuin PK-1, as I really love the PK-1 sonic characteristic, I'm totally hookup with how it's sounds...
  3. Capunk

    FS: AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft

    Hi guys, Due to financial crisis, I'm selling my precious AKG K701 headphone, which already recabled with Stefan AudioArt 7-ft (2.13 m) Length with 1/4 inch (full size) connector (RRP $289 USD), and the installation is done professionally by our fellow head-fi Stevenkelby. The condition is...
  4. Capunk

    IC/FT: Denon D2000(+Cash) for D5000/Darth Beyer/W5000

    Hi guys, Interest check on my Denon D2000, excellent condition. No cosmetic damage, very well cared and been used since 5 months ago on non smoking environment. The cable still in stock, complete with original box. I'm the first owner. I wanted to try woodies cans... so , I'm...
  5. Capunk

    FS: Meier Corda Cantate (SOLD)

    Hi guys, I'm selling this marvelous amp on behalf of my good friend of mine, currently he's traveling to south-east Asia due to the nature of his business. So he wanted to sell his precious amp because he no longer able to enjoy his desktop setup, and he wanted to built portable setup...
  6. Capunk

    WTB : LLP for LISA III

    As the topic said, strike me a good deal. I would accept any colors (preferably black tho), and the unit must in good condition. I'm on Sydney, Australia. Thanks for looking! I found the Lisa III but finding the right adapter for it, it's pain in the ass. So I'm looking for a LLP...
  7. Capunk

    Entry tubes amp for K701: LD MKII, DV Figaro or other?

    Hi guys, My friend just recently purchase a K701, he likes K701 very much as soon as he tried mine before. I tried to advice him that K701 need proper amplification to get it shine, and I recommend him to get tubes amp. The problem is he doesn't have big budget, after he spending his...
  8. Capunk

    FS (AUS) Modded PAL Nintendo Wii + Games + 2 pairs Wiimotes & Nunchucks

    Hi guys, This is my 2nd revision regarding to this sales, I wanted to sell my modded Nintendo Wii (Australian Version) with built-in Wiikey (Xeno Wii), which is totally legal in this country. I will not include or provide any backups games, so please don't bother asking. The...
  9. Capunk

    X-Fi, using 3.5mm phono to RCA adapter will reducing SQ?

    Hey guys, Whoever use X-Fi Xtrememusic as Digital-out transport to external DAC or other similar soundcard. If I use this Mono 3.5mm phono plug to RCA plug adapter like this, Will this adapter bottle-neck the output sound quality from the X-FI to my external DAC? I'm using a similar...
  10. Capunk

    American Power Cord to be used in Australia (240V)

    Hi guys, I'm planning to import one power cable from USA, and I've been wondering, do they capable to handling our native 240V electricity? US plug to Australia plug adapter is easy to find, and I will use the cable for my upcoming 220V head amp. It's very hard to find hospital grade &...
  11. Capunk

    T-AMP with sub-out?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to build a small bookshelf setup, and almost purchase Trends TA-10 or Yulong T-Amp (nearly), but suddenly I discovered, there is not subwoofer output in any T-AMP. I understand bookshelf speakers should able to produce a good amount of bass, but when I came across Home...
  12. Capunk

    Cloverfield - Discussion Thread.

    Whoever watch the movie, please let me know your impression. Don't forget to add [Spoiler] tag, if you wanted to discuss about the movie plot. Personally I felt a satisfactory, it's a great movie for opening this year I would love to watch the sequel or prequel of this movie.
  13. Capunk

    (Want To Trade) 2 x OPA637BP for 2 x OPA627AP/BP

    Hi all, I wanted to trade my 2 x OPA637BP for your 2 x OPA627 AP/BP (DIP). Let me know if you interested. Thanks!
  14. Capunk

    IC/FS (AUS): iBasso D1 + opamps SOLD

    Hi all, I'm selling my iBasso D1, as I will move to desktop setup. This is the 2nd batch of 1st revision iBasso D1, has been fully burned in for 400 hours. The unit came with upgraded opamps (installed) and couple extra (which cost me $50), also the original opamps. Manual, Optical Cable...
  15. Capunk

    The ultimate classical album?

    Hi all, This kind of thread might popped up at back days, but right now I have problem choosing which Classical/Orchestra CD should I get? I love Rachmaninov music (esp Piano concerto no.2), couple Bach songs (2: Air on G string), and some Chopin songs. Can you guys recommend me this...
  16. Capunk

    IC/FS (AUS): Slightly modded Heed Canamp (220V) SOLD!

    Hi all, I'm selling my beloved Heed Canamp in order to upgrade my current source. This unit has been burned in for 400 hours and I'm the first owner. The unit has slightly modded, with an addition DIP 8 socket for op-amp rolling, so you don't need the hassle to dissemble the amp to install...
  17. Capunk

    The perfect PC transport?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to get external DAC, but it doesn't have USB connection. Does using X-Fi as a digital transport (bit-perfect) via Coaxial is the "perfect" way to communicate with my external DAC? Why I choose X-FI? it's because I still want to retain all gaming sound features (EAX...
  18. Capunk

    Can I use my Audigy 2 ZS as a Transport?

    As the title said, I wonder if I can use my Audigy 2 ZS (standard) soundcard as a transport? What I know, Audigy 2 ZS has digital out - but it doesn't have 'bit perfect' functionality like X-Fi or other high-end soundcards. Does Audigy 2 ZS will resampling the data before it's transfered to...
  19. Capunk

    Eargasm - w K701, Tell me your amp preferences? (Tubes amp?)

    Hi guys, I own stock AKG K701 (100 hr burned in), and I'm planning to recable it with Equinox cable or APS V3 cable, later. I use Heed Canamp (stock/unmodded) to drive K701 - and my source is came from iBasso D1 DAC or iMod photo (Connected via Cryo X mini to RCA cable). This setup isn't...
  20. Capunk

    IC: Heed Canamp

    I just want to Interest Check on my semi new Heed Canamp, I just receive it this morning, bought from ebay (the owner claim this heed is never used, so it's practically brand new) But there is a small visible scratch at back panel, this came from previous owner, I will question this later...
  21. Capunk

    Darth Beyer - Open vs Closed version

    I have put my interest in Darth beyer since the first time I heard the name. Now this is the time I'm getting serious about it, and probably decide to get one. As you can see, Larry from Headphile provide many customization option for the Deal 18. So straight to the point, I fell in love...
  22. Capunk

    Looking for portable closed headphone that close to PK-1 sound.

    Hey guys, as the title said, I'm very enjoying Yuin PK-1, but due some circumstances, I would prefer to use full-size or semi-portable cans. With budget up to $300, is there any portable or semi-portable headphone with this following features. 1. Great Comfort 2. Isolation (as long...
  23. Capunk

    IC: Etymotic ER-6i (Australia or International)

    Hi there, I just want to check, if anyone interested with my Ety ER-6i, there is a slight damage to rubber cover in right driver (you could check the pics below), it's pure cosmetic damage, doesn't affect the SQ. And some person here mention it's replaceable, you might contact etymotic for...
  24. Capunk

    Sydney meet impression - 20/10/07 (UNSW Library)

    Hey guys, Put all your impressions in here, I save this space for my own impression But tonite is saturday night, so I probably post it tommorow Anyway, it was a great meeting guys! nice to know u all! List of equipments: Headphone: - Grado RS-2 - Alessandro MS2 (many!) -...
  25. Capunk

    Who uses their AMP & DAC for gaming?

    Well this is interesting, I saw many people use their rigs for gaming, but the real question is, is there any advantages over normal gaming soundcard? I use my D1 DAC & AMP (USB & OPTICAL) -> Denon D2000 for gaming (PC & X360), and they are awesome... but does it taking advantages from EAX...