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  1. Naschy

    Identify DAC in phone?

    Hi, I had a LG V20 with a Quad DAC. I was quite happy with this as an on to go solution. Recently, the phone failed (believe it or not, the phone melted/nearly blew up charging). LGs response has really soured me on their phones, as has their lack of firmware support and (comparatively) bad...
  2. Naschy

    (AUS) Somic MH463, Audio Technica ATH-M50 Coiled

    Hi all, Had some unexpected expenses pop up and need to sell of some of my cans. First is the wonderful Somic MH463 open-back headphones. Detailed, full sound. 8Hz-30KHz range at 45ohms with large 50mm...
  3. Naschy

    WTB: Somic MH463

    Hello. I'm looking to get the Somic Mh463. If you own any, and want to sell, send me a PM - I'd very much appreciate it. Any help or advice is appreciated. I'm in Australia, so please factor that into your pricing. Thank you and kind regards. Bump: Help a budding budget hifi guy out, please?
  4. Naschy

    Got an E17 - need help with LOD cable

    Hi all, I've got an E17 on the way to me. I need an LOD cable to pair with it. I'm thinking the L9 looks to be a good price to performance option, and ergonomically easier to use. Would you agree? Is there something in the price bracket you recommend instead? I'm in Australia which makes...