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  1. hitead

    Cowon Plenue D -Like New

    Selling my like new Cowon Plenue D with the unit, original box, and accessories.  Original owner(can provide proof of purchase). Also including leather case($40). Priced to sell fast.     FREE Shipping.  Buyer pays paypal fee or free for gifting.   Message for any questions.  
  2. hitead

    Fidue A83

    Selling my Fidue A83; purchased off of fellow head-fi'er.  Misplaced the original box and accessories, just have the original hard case and the earphones itself.  Pricing this to sell fast as I am looking to go completely wireless on my portable audio setup(selling my Cowon Plenue D as well)...
  3. hitead

    WTB: Mint Condition/Used Dunu DN-2000J

    Hi-  I'm looking for the DN-2000j IEM's to add to my collection.  Please send picture and offer.  Thanks!
  4. hitead

    [Price Drop] Fiio X7

    Looking to sell my Fiio X7 just unit itself!  No accessories, box, or memory card.   In great working condition.  Has minor scratches near the USB charging port and a couple of nicks/scratches on screen and tip.  PM for better pictures.   Price includes shipping and PP fees!
  5. hitead

    [Price Drop] ALO Rx IEM AMP

    Selling my ALO Rx IEM amp(just unit).  In great working condition, has very minor scratches near USB port.     Includes shipping and PP fees!
  6. hitead

    ALO Tinsel MMCX Cable

    Selling my like-new ALO Tinsel MMCX IEM cable.  This retails for $149 on ALO website.   Includes Shipping & Paypal!
  7. hitead

    ALO Rx IEM AMP & FIIO X7!!

    Just bought a house and in need to downsize(says wife); looking for extra cash for renovations!!    The Rx amp just comes by itself, no charging cable. The Fiio X7 also just comes by itself.   All 2 units are in great condition minus some minor scratches near the charging port of the...
  8. hitead

    WTB: AUNE T1 MK2, good condition w/ tube

    Looking for a dac/amp desktop solution, preferably the Aune T1 MK2 with stock accessories.
  9. hitead

    WTB: Grado 225e or 325e drivers!

    Looking for a set of Grado 225e or 325e drivers, do not need headbands, cable, and gimbals.   Send me your offer!    Thanks!
  10. hitead

    Mint Condition: Oppo HA-2 AMP/DAC

    Selling my lightly(5-10 hours) used Oppo HA-2.  Originally got this to use with my iPhone 6 plus, however after purchasing the Fiio X3ii, I have not been using it since.     Comes with original box, manual, and all original accessories.  The back of the box a slight tear on it, otherwise...