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  1. Jaywalk3r

    Why do we classify headphones/earphones by form factor?

    I notice most people concern themselves primarily with form factor, not isolation type. In this way, on-ear and over-ear headphones are classified similarly, and earbuds and IEMs are similarly grouped together. To me, this doesn't seem very useful from a practical perspective, only an aesthetic...
  2. Jaywalk3r

    Need a hack/workaround to play non-Apple DAP through HomePod

    I have a Pioneer XDP-02U DAP inbound. It will be my primary mobile source. When I'm at home, I keep my music in my local iTunes library and listen through a pair of HomePods. Currently, I'm using my iPhone as my source, so as I'm walking in the door, I can switch the output to my HomePod, and...
  3. Jaywalk3r

    Hidden/Undocumented iTunes Preferences

    Some Mac users are aware that many Apple applications in OS X have undocumented command line preferences. iTunes is one of these applications. I thought a thread collecting such preferences might be useful. (Equivalent Windows commands can also be given if known.) Earlier versions of iTunes...
  4. Jaywalk3r

    Favorite Film Scores

    What are your favorite film scores? Three of my favorites are from: Last of the Mohicans (Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman), Star Wars saga (John Williams), and Rush (Eric Clapton). Are there any others you would recommend?
  5. Jaywalk3r

    Help With Amarra Settings (SOLVED)

    I decided to give Amarra a fair chance, after reading so many rave reviews claiming that its sound quality is so much better than iTunes. Before I made any changes to Amarra's settings, I did some ABX testing, and I was easily able to identify Amarra or iTunes, whichever was used as source...
  6. Jaywalk3r

    How does an inline variable resistor affect sound quality of headphones/IEM's?

    I have a Sennheiser CX 485 that I use through the headphone port of my laptop. The IEM has an inline volume control module, which, as far as I can tell (from Googling), is a variable resistor. If I turn the IEM's volume up all the way, and turn the volume down on the laptop, I can hear a slight...
  7. Jaywalk3r

    What does the volume control module on my Sennheiser IEM's do?

    Obviously, the effect of moving the slider on the volume control module is to change the volume. What, exactly, does it do to accomplish this? In theory, are there any additional effects other than simple volume control? Turning down the volume on the IEM's and turning the source volume to...
  8. Jaywalk3r

    Software to convert multi-channel ALAC (or FLAC) to two-channel stereo ALAC?

    I'd like to convert a multi-channel (4 or 6) lossless file (FLAC or ALAC) to two-channel stereo lossless. I use iTunes for my playback, which, as far as I know, does not support more than two channels. I need the resulting files to be compatible with gapless playback. I'm running Mac OS X...
  9. Jaywalk3r

    Push-pull output versus single-ended output

    What are the practical advantages of a push-pull output compared to a single-ended output, aside from superior sustained bass output? I have a 1st generation iPod Shuffle, which came equipped with the SigmaTel ST-MP3-5xx. As I understand it (and I could be mistaken), this SOC provides the...
  10. Jaywalk3r

    Do any iPod models besides 1st generation Shuffle utilize push-pull output?

    Do any iPod models besides 1st generation Shuffle utilize push-pull output? If so, which ones? Also, what are the practical advantages of push-pull output over single-ended output, aside from better sustained bass output? Are there any significant disadvantages of push-pull?