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  1. Feanor

    Am I the only one who loooooves looking at Spectrographs (FFT)?

    I totally love looking at my music while listening. Am I alone with this? Should I be concerned? pic related Uploaded with
  2. Feanor

    Budapest now

    Well, I'm not sure if this can fly by under the no politics rule, but I thought I'd throw up a link to my own pictures about the clashes going on in Budapest this week. Here is a choice morsel : Notice anything about the confused-looking dude? Hint: he's blind. He got hit a few times...
  3. Feanor

    My recent endevours in the world of headphone audio (Hd-201, ack! dac)

    I haven’t really been active on head-fi for quite some time now, and I've tried this and that during this period. Here are my impressions. It turned out a bit longer than I thought. I used the shure e2c's as portable phones for the duration of most of last year, and I really liked them...
  4. Feanor

    A question to all you computer guys out there

    I have a problem with my computer, something that leads to no damage, but is bugging me. I tried out Kapersky antivirus some time ago, when I thought norton didnt catch everything on the computer. After a while, I uninstalled it, because it was more bother than good. However, if I copy something...
  5. Feanor

    Scam, prank or did I get served?

    I got the following email today: Title: You order: Sony DSC-F828 8.0MP Digital Camera The mail: "Sony DSC-F828 8.0MP Digital Camera Your order # 12405 has been accepted for the amount 840.00$ Your card will be charged in that amount .Thank you for your purchase. You can check...
  6. Feanor

    Hungarian minimeet impressions.

    In the end, out of the 7-8 people expected, there where 4 of us at my place (a friend of mine also turned up, who might soon turn to the dark side). The people: Tamas (a.k.a. Banfi T), Zoltan (a hungarian amp/dac manufacturer), Peter (my friend) and me. Tamas arrived way before the other chap...
  7. Feanor

    Tord Gustavsen Trio - The Ground

    Go buy this CD now. It's a breathtakingly beautiful jazz album, the first piano trio composition that really grabbed me. Pure, 100% magic. And the sound quality is also something to die for! This is some slow, relaxed jazz, but so sweet it makes you want to cry.
  8. Feanor

    If you listen to music with foobar or winamp, try this!

    You should try AVS out. It is an incredible visualization application. You can use it in foobar with the bacon plugin, and it is included in the newer winamps by default. You can find AVS presets on the winamp site, deviantart and whyeye. There are some real beauties out there, I recommend...
  9. Feanor

    Recording Music: Some Pointers?

    Tomorrow I'm going to help my friends record some music. They have a ska-jazz band (clarinet, sax, guitar, piano, bass, drums). We'll be using my EMU 0404 card (with 2 microphones I think. Maybe a third one will be used with another computer, but that would be with onboard audio ). I have never...
  10. Feanor

    quick foobar question

    I'm using foobar v. 0.8.3 with columnsUI. I'd like to have the albumview and database view panels on screen, but I cannot find a way to do that. anybody know what to do?
  11. Feanor

    Pictures of the rig *56k warning*

    Here are some pictures of my rig. I listen at my computer, here is a picture of my desktop (with the monitor displaying the amp), the speakers are paradigm atoms, powered by the t-amp on top of the computer : Some pics of the amp (Singlepower Mpx3-6cg7 with RCA cleartops in it)...
  12. Feanor

    Do you consider yourself an audiophile?

    EDIT: This poll is public, if you havent noticed. So, do you consider yourself an audiophile? I will not give definitions here, since the question conserns your feelings on the subject, and I'm sure everybody has an inner concept of what it is. If you feel like it, also post why.
  13. Feanor

    T-amp has arrived!

    First impression: so small! I was expecting something bigger from the pics. And it sounds good. I was using it with batteries, I tried a 12V psu (just something I found laying around) but the amp started buzzing audibly (the amp ITSSELF) and started getting warm, so I said no thanks. I'll have...
  14. Feanor

    Wheeeeeeee! Spring is here!

    The last three days I've been completely blissed out due to the simple fact that it began to thaw here, the sun is shining and IT’S SPRING! I don’t remember ever having such fun due simply to the change of seasons! And when I say blissed out, I mean like really really high! Ps: no illegal...
  15. Feanor

    Counter strike help

    I have a couple of counter-strike questions. 1. How do you record a demo? 2. Is there any command that stops the program from dowloading server-specific custom sound files? I am sick of waiting 5 mins to join in because somebody thought haveing swearwords in sound is funny. Thanks, Akos
  16. Feanor

    A change in atmosphere?

    It seems to me (even as a relatively new member) that the general atmosphere on head-fi has changed in the past months, and not in a positive direction. Any thoughts? When I joined, this was an incredibly friendly forum, but I see a decrease in tolerance lately. Is it just that I am seeing a...
  17. Feanor

    Happy womens day to all of Girl-fi!

    Happy womans day for all the members of girl-fi! I dont know about the rest of the world, but here in Hungary today (with 10 minutes remaining) is womans day, when you bring flowers to the women you respect/like.
  18. Feanor

    Waaah! I want my hd-600's!

    The cable on my set broke, so I used the event to finally justify buying a new, "improved" cable. But the headphile cable will probably be here in 2 weeks, so all I have now are my shures (they hurt after a while) and an old technics supraaural headphone. Let me tell you, it is nowhere near the...
  19. Feanor

    Nine Inch Nails

    I recently aquired the album : the downward spiral from NIN, never having heard the band before (unless you count Quake) and I was very pleasantly surprised. I dont reallly like hard rock or metal or punk (only Mogwai), I listen to more positive-outlook music usually, but this is good. Can you...
  20. Feanor

    EQ ing the EMU

    I've just started playing around with patchmix, and the EQ/(effects) feature seems great. So, what settings do you use?
  21. Feanor

    Emu 0404 install

    I'm having a heck of a hard time installing an EMU 0404. I plug it in, start windows, install the drivers, and restart. Then, Big Blue Screen Of Death comes in, saying driver could not be loaded, ect. If I unplug the card &/ start safe mode, this does not happen. I'm starting to get pissed here...
  22. Feanor

    European Meet?

    Anybody want to have a European meet? Now that discout airlines are everywhere, we should be able to get together somewhere... I don't want to get my expectations high, but perhaps in a few months (say, by feb.), we could plan a meet?
  23. Feanor

    Angela Brown

    Is there anybody else who listens to this fine jazz singer? I prefer her to Ella, actually.
  24. Feanor

    Gmail invites

    I have some Gmail invites, and as I was invited from this forum, it seems fitting I give some back. PM or Email me.
  25. Feanor

    WTB: E-mu 0404

    Ehhhh. Nothing. I'll just buy it online here (calculated shipping+customs=this sucks). You US head-fiers are lucky. Thanks, Akos