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  1. devwild

    sold: SA5000

    After all this time, I've decided to let them go. SA5000, well cared for and in excellent condition, includes original box and stand. Asking $sold shipped. Continental US and paypal only please. Thanks, dev
  2. devwild

    FS: Headroom MicroDAC

    First generation, from the original batch, purchased the day of release. First owner, great condition. DAC and walwart included. Asking $SOLD shipped, Continental US and paypal only please. Thanks.
  3. devwild

    Oregon Meet - Aug 18, 2007

    Thought I'd get started on the impression thread with a big thank you to Andrew/Maximo for arranging and sponsoring this meet. It was a lot of fun, the snacks were great, and once again there were a lot of great new people and new gear. It's about time we lured Seattle folks down to our lovely...
  4. devwild

    I would like to thank Head-fi for this honor...

    Woot, my avatar made it into the top 10 in Engadget's photo contest. Even though it's not going to actually win me anything, thanks to head-fi for giving me the motivation to take photos of headphone gear, and buy the gear to take photos of.
  5. devwild

    Oregon Meet 08-19-06

    So, it turned out to be smaller than expected (too many people enjoying the weather unlike us dorks ), but it was still a fun meet, with several new and welcome faces. Also a nice selection of gear that have been strangers to our meets thus far... After waiting so long to listen to K1000s, I...
  6. devwild


    Purchased my HD280s. One of the fastest and easiest transactions I have ever had, thank you very much!
  7. devwild


    Purchased my A700 headphones. Very enthusiastic about the hobby and great communication throughout. Thanks!
  8. devwild

    IC: Several Headphones

    I am long past due to actually shed some of my collection, so here we go... I am looking to sell three pairs of headphones - a Sennheiser HD595 (120ohm version) - SOLD, an Audio Technica A700 - SOLD, and a Sennheiser HD280Pro - SOLD. All three have been well cared for and are in very good...
  9. devwild

    Name... those... cans!

    Friend of a friend found this headset, which appears to be an aviation headset. It is generally in very good condition and probably fairly new. The cable however is unterminated, end was cut off. There's the connector and boom for a mic, but no mic. It comes with cloth covers to put over the...
  10. devwild

    Yet another Oregon meet...

    Meet Details: Date: August 19 Time: 10AM till last man standing (usually 6-7PM) Place: The Pacific Conference - 18121 SE River Rd, Milwaukie, OR 97267 - Map Guidelines: Basically identical to last time (quoted below). We didn't end up doing dinner last time because people had plans...
  11. devwild

    The Frankensenns.

    Now that the beast is complete, I figure I should post some archive photos so that proof of its existence may be provided in a simple link to this thread rather than frequently repeating its dark history. I give to you my bastardization of headgear, the infamous Frankensenns: For...
  12. devwild

    Ascend speaker owners take note...

    I'm sure some of you, like me, rarely look at the Ascend forums/site since you are already busy enjoying your speakers (or headphones ). So I just wanted to go ahead and point out here that Ascend has recently released an upgrade to their line - "Signature Edition" versions of both the 170 and...
  13. devwild

    Blast from the past - HD540 Gold

    An acquaintance of mine mentioned he had an old pair of senns he hadn't listened to in some time. The only thing he knew was that they came in a wooden box, and I couldn't think of what that could be at the time. The other night he dropped them off for me to take a look at. Lo and behold...
  14. devwild

    Oregon Meet 01-07-06

    rockin' along.... Well, seems we managed a good showing this time, and we have our pseudo-quiet room. I've listened to Muse's Hysteria far too many times now with different cans, have to switch to some David Gray... First impressions of the K701s vs Beyers, I definitely like the K701...
  15. devwild

    mini rack suggestions

    I have a need to stack some components and possibly some misc. gear within a fairly tight space constraint: max 17" depth external measurement (I know, that's the one that hurts), min 18" width internal measurement (for components), and max 23" height. I would actually prefer no bottom shelf...
  16. devwild


    Bought my PPA, great transaction and communication, thank you very much!
  17. devwild

    IC: OPA627 PPA

    Sold, thanks for your interest. This is a JMT built PPA w/ OPA 627 opamps and an Elpac 24V power supply, purchased from another head-fier some time back. By my understanding the amp was orginally a demo. The board is well crafted, and the amp is in good clean condition (and of course sounds...
  18. devwild

    Vancouver, BC, some recomendations?

    Hey, I've got a few days in Vancouver coming up in December as the extended portion of a business trip, and I was wondering if I could get any suggestions from the audience on upcoming activities or eats. I did this last year too, walked the park, Robson and random places around downtown. Took...
  19. devwild

    Congrats to headphile, he's makin' the news!

    I was a bit disoriented when I went to Gizmodo and went, "hey, I know that picture"... Looks like headphile's getting some attention for being considered at the front end of the wood-everything fad - though we know the real story
  20. devwild

    Recabling the HD595

    I was wondering if anyone has actually made the attempt to recable their HD595s. I've thought about it for ages, but I've been waiting for sennheiserusa to get the replacement part in stock so I don't have to use my own cable or try to make a connector like theirs (they told me it would be in...
  21. devwild

    WTB: Damaged or Broken HD580s or HD600s

    Found, thanks! I'm looking to buy a pair of damaged/broken HD580s or 600s for spare parts. Yes, I have a project in mind, and I'm slightly crazy . The only thing that must be fully intact and functional are the driver assemblies. Here's your chance to get some cash for your old cans. PM...
  22. devwild

    Alternate player software for OSX

    I need an alternate mp3/aac audio player for OSX that doesn't resample my audio. I've tried the bit-perfect suggestions for iTunes OSX, but they don't seem to work with the M-Audio Revo, it still resamples to 48k. I've been using vlc off and on, and while it does output 44.1 and sound notably...
  23. devwild

    Small CD Deck for headphone use?

    Based on my apartment setup, I was thinking about getting a dedicated CD-player to use for Headphone listening. That would not only make for easier and more flexible placement, but also make it easier for swapping headphones, amps, and cables at will for experimentation and such. Optimally...
  24. devwild

    IC: Xin SuperDual

    SOLD! NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Xin Superdual, one of the last shipped so it didn't need to be modded. In great condition, which isn't hard for this durable little amp. Works fine but now I'm looking for something a little different. PM me with offers. Lower 48 and paypal preferred. Thanks...
  25. devwild

    SOLD: Grado SR-80

    SOLD, NO LONGER AVAILABLE Looking for offers on my SR-80s since I upgraded to the 225s. They are in excelent condition - I didn't even tweak the headband from factory like most used Grados are. Included are SR-80, Bowl pads, and a pair of Senn HD414 pads unmodded and new in packaging which...