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  1. ssingh0

    Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

    Practically Brand New.  Purchased these 2 days ago, still have the receipt.   I have great feedback here, was a long time ago very active member  Bought these because I thought I'd give headphones another chance. But I'm sticking with speakers.   I also have a ps audio gcha that pairs with...
  2. ssingh0

    PS Audio GCHA Class A USB Dac/Headphone Amp

    Was priced $1000 msrp new   LOTS OF GREAT Head-Fi FEEDBACK IN SIGNATURE Great Amp, mint condition. Its the newer version with balanced inputs (xlr and rca) and usb input.   "GCHA contains a Gain Cell’s preamplifier stage and a Class A...
  3. ssingh0

    Beyer dt 880 600 ohm with original box, lots of Feedback in sig thread

    Purchased earlier this year, have had the senn 800 for a while now, and these didn't see much use subsequently. Will ship in original box.  I can potentially get this to the shipper today if the deal is done before they close.   Check my great feedback, link should be in my sig.
  4. ssingh0

    PS AUDIO GCHA Balanced XLR

    Mint condition.  Comes with original box/packing/materials, etc. I can ship today if we close the deal before 5 or 6pm   I have a lot of great feedback.  Please check the thread in my sig.   Retailed for 999 originally, and goes for 500 after it was discontinued. 300+paypal+shipping...
  5. ssingh0

    Dedicated components with interconnects <vs> Single Interface USB DAC+AMP+etc

    Individual components do allow maximizing the quality at every step of the output, however, I'm wondering whether the decay in signal due to interconnects etc detracts enough that a single interface, even at a lower price point, may be better?   My situation: [emu 1212m pci soundcard]  > ...
  6. ssingh0

    help... powered off dac with speakers on

    my adam a7 speakers are connected to my zhaolu dac. I turned off the power on the dac while the speakers were still on about midvolume. There was a loud sound from the speakers. Is it possible I damaged the speakers?
  7. ssingh0

    akg k701

    mint condition. Includes box and everything original (stand, etc.). Check out my feedback below. $220 takes it.
  8. ssingh0


    5687 x 6cg7 tube compliment. It has Solen stage 2 power supply upgrade, Jenson coupling cap upgrade, and preamp out option. The tube compliment is 2 x 5687 and 1 x 6CG7 Includes many tubes, I think around 20-25, but some do not work well. 5687's include Raytheon, Sylvania, cryo'ed...
  9. ssingh0

    Amperex Bugle Boy tubes

    Pair of Very rare! NOS Amperex Bugle Boy 6922! both test 112/110 I put about 30 hours on them. $80/matched pair. One of the labels is rubbed off almost completely. The other is somewhat still there, maybe 60% reason for sale: sold the amp that uses these (woo3) a while back, and...
  10. ssingh0

    loud buzzing noise when powered on

    My mpx3 slam makes a fairly loud buzzing noise when it is powered up. It stays constant as long as it's on. What's the cause...?
  11. ssingh0

    have spdif cable, dac does not have input, help

    I have a zu ash cable, one side is rca & the other is a little different, the central thing is needle thin, and there are two rings around it (forgot what you call it, and couldn't find it on googling) my zhaolu dac does not have anything to accept the needle side, so will it be...
  12. ssingh0

    headsave website

    What is norm's new headsave website?
  13. ssingh0

    headphone soundstage technological revolution

    Thoughts on the implementation of HRTF type technology so the sound is truly out there - when it'll be implemented, if anyones interested, its effects on audio, any experiences, second hand, etc. just curious
  14. ssingh0

    FS Sennheiser hd 650

    These are in mint condition. I tried to look around for any scrapes, etc. but can not see anything. I put them right into the foam padded box after listening. smoke/pet/child free. Gotta offset my rs-1 purchase earlier today, but will probably end up getting these magical phones soon again...
  15. ssingh0

    soundstage: k701 vs 650

    anyone agree/disagree, have different experience? soundstage is much more natural and coherent on k701 vs hd650. For example if there's a guitars going on left and right channel, they don't really fit in the image, they're off to the left and right, while the singers in middle. With k701, the...
  16. ssingh0

    Dac burn in (have to have amp on?)

    Will playing music through soundcard into zhaolu without the amp on burn it in?
  17. ssingh0

    k701: hiss more prevalent?

    I have been listening to a fairly wide selection of decent recordings in flac. With my hd650's there's not much hiss, but with my k701's there's a bit of background hiss on a lot of recordings. What's going on? Are the high's that much recessed on the hd650's?
  18. ssingh0

    Mpx3 Slam/amp source diminishing returns

    Wow. I've heard a few amps, but this thing is at a whole other level. I've heard corda ha1mk2, gilmore lite v2, woo3. I had heard of diminishing returns I had a benchmark dac1 with gilmore lite for more than a month recently, and the improvement in sound (from emu1212m) with benchmark...
  19. ssingh0

    MPX3 tube input

    Hi. I received a Mpx3, but I don't know which tubes go where. It was described as Quote: The tube compliment is 2 x 5687 and 1 x 6CG7 All the holes look the same. How do I know which the 6cg7 does/doesn't go into? Thanks.
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    was very sincere. Communication was very fast and thorough, no hassle at all. Very perceptive about head-fi equipment. Since we met in real life, I would feel comfortable buying or selling anything from David, and give the highest rating. Thank you
  21. ssingh0

    Negative Equipment Reviews

    Almost all the professional reviews I've come across praise the product, or do not say anything negative. Are there any reviews/companies that also publish "negative" reviews.
  22. ssingh0

    FS: Grado Flats by TTVJ

    Excellent condition. Will ship same day payment is received. only want to ship in the US, unless you want to pay extra bucks for how much shipping is. $25 shipped
  23. ssingh0

    FS: Allesandro Ms-2i

    For Sale: Alessandro MS 2i. Mint condition. A few months old but rarely used after 100 hour sock drawer burn-in. I washed (delicately) the bowl pads twice and comfort is definitely improved. I have excellent, recent feedback - both buys and sells- here on head-fi and on ebay SOLD...
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    sold meier amp. Great head-fier, don't let few posts have you doubt it. prompt responses and payment. Very friendly, great communication. Thank you.
  25. ssingh0

    please help... first time using tube amp

    I just got a wooaudio 3 tube amp, theres 1 big tube, and 2 pairs of small tubes... do I just "plug in" the tubes into their respect holes, and start the amp up? and then wait like 5 minutes to begin listening? is there any specific orientation to plug in the big tube?