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    SOLD: Unique Melody MEST Like New

    Hi, Selling off the Unique Melody MEST I purchased for a YouTube Review. You can see this pair from just about every angle here-- this is the actual pair from the video: Includes case, box, etc.
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    Sold: 64 Audio U18 Tzar

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    Impressions from T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach

    I got about a half-day of roaming around the T.H.E. show today-- a few impressions...   I finally got to hear a pair of Stax SR-009s.  They were married to a HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE amp, and all I can say is it's the finest rig I've ever heard.  From bass depth and detail to vocals and...
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    Impressions from T.H.E. Show, Newport

    I spent some time jumping from room to room at the Newport show, and came away with my opinions greatly altered and shattered ideas about where I might spend money in the future.     Obviously being a Head-Fier, I focused my time in the headphone area, but I did swing through the Hilton next...
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    Let's Talk Records: an Adventure in Vinyl

    I'm starting this discussion because of a confluence of events which make a decent story-- but end at a place where we can all contribute.   It starts with BDG Syndrome.  I'm not sure if it's in Grey's Anatomy or not, but it stands for "Big Dumb Guy".  I wanted a little better sound out of...
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    Anyone know where the database in Fidelia is located?

    I'm stuck.  The app tells me the database is corrupt on launch-- but I can't find the database to delete it.   Anyone know where they stick it?
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    Shure SE425 New-In-Box

    1 brand new pair of Shure SE425 in box, never opened.   I sent 2 pairs of EC-4's to Shure for repair, but Shure doesn't service EC-4's any longer.  They sent me 2 brand new pair of SE425's.     I can't get comfortable in the SE425.  The only tips that would image were the triple tips...
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    Shure SE425 Used (about 30 minutes)

    Selling 1 used pair of Shure SE425.  Just got them, unboxed them, listened for a half hour and couldn't get good sound out of them without the triple inserts that make it feel like they're raping my ears.  Great sound though (if you don't mind ear rape)!   This pair is sold without the box...