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  1. Feanor

    A very interesting presentation at AES

    Great vid! Loved the anecdote about his sighted fake A/B test :)
  2. Feanor

    Worst recorded/Mastered Albums

    Try anything by the Go! team for intentionally bad SQ. This is one of the better quality tracks they have on a side note: It's interesting to listen to the original version of Raw Power from (Iggy Pop &) The Stooges. I recall reading that they were going for a deliberately bad sound...
  3. Feanor

    Need recommendation for a LOW sensitivity can in the $100 range

    You might want to check if you can adjust the gain on the dac with a jumper or something, a lot of equipment has this.
  4. Feanor

    Does the fall of music ever depress you? It does me.

    Quote: Originally Posted by gbacic Music now is better than it has ever been. It's just not mainstream. I agree, I really enjoy recent artists like Sufjan Stephens or Joanna Newsom. hiphopscribe's list is also sweet. As for rap or hiphop, artists like Scroobius Pip and...
  5. Feanor

    I haven't been here in three years...

    Hey I came back here this year and last time I posted before that was 2007, its been 3 years 2 months and 28 days.
  6. Feanor

    Building a Headphone Measurement Lab

    True, I realized that when I was driving around today. Thanks for the answer!
  7. Feanor

    So i finally received my HiVi Swan D1080MKII 08 Actives

    I've been looking into DIYing a pair of speakers with HiVi drivers. Happy to hear these are nice.
  8. Feanor

    Building a Headphone Measurement Lab

    Tyll, maybe this has been discussed before, but have you thought of normalizing based on these curves? As far as I understand it, now you are compensating for the ear canals FR, but the psychoacoutics are important too.
  9. Feanor

    Look Ma! I can slow down time!

    Quote: Originally Posted by GWorlDofSPACE Imagine how it would be to hear or taste every note? I hear that a certain Albert Hofmann can help you with that.
  10. Feanor

    Unequal Ears!

    Quote: Originally Posted by terriblepaulz My hearing predominance changes from time to time, usually in conjunction with some sort of sinus/allergy issue. Taking Loratadine at certain times of year is the most effective tweak I have found for my system. quoted for lols if you...
  11. Feanor

    Question about FR graphs

    I think he was referring to the curves found on this page... edit : well **** me these are basically the inverse of what you linked in, meh. edit#3: and now this ^ makes no sense as you edited too... ah well edit #2: this has interested me as well, it would be interesting to have FR...
  12. Feanor

    Am I the only one who loooooves looking at Spectrographs (FFT)?

    I totally love looking at my music while listening. Am I alone with this? Should I be concerned? pic related Uploaded with
  13. Feanor

    Testing audiophile claims and myths

    Nice summary. I recall the debate about the headfi cable test, I'm happy it happened in the end. If we ever have a big euro meet I will try to assemble a Blind testing stand (not so sure about double blind as I will swap the stuff, but I am planning not to interact with the subject in any way)...
  14. Feanor

    Trust Your Ears...

    Whoa, a shuffle? What levels do you listen at?
  15. Feanor

    Aphex Twin + K702s = Bliss

    The double album Drukqs is awesome, so fragile at some points and so aggressive at others.
  16. Feanor

    Aphex Twin + K702s = Bliss

    you know I used aphex twin to settle some neighbor issues a while back. Here's the story: We live in a family house with one wall shared with our neighbors. Our dog has a bit of an annoying bark and an even more annoying whine when my mom goes away. The next door neighbors have been really...
  17. Feanor

    Alessandro MS1000 and MS Ultimate - DIY & modding [56K warning]

    Is anybody in team ms1000 planning to attend the EU meet? I would be tickled to hear these things, but buying without trying is something I try to avoid.
  18. Feanor

    Aphex Twin + K702s = Bliss

    Hah I like aphex a lot too. I was thinking a while back about pulling the trigger on some SA5000's , just for electronica use. I prefer the album "Drukqs" to selected ambient works, sadly the selected album has a few issues SQ-wise. I read somewhere that the tapes the music was on got damaged...
  19. Feanor

    Review : AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC/amp - a promising newcomer (compared to Audio-gd FUN, AMB Gamma2)

    My 2 cents on how big the difference between amps is.
  20. Feanor

    Do you prefer "fun" headphones or "reference" headphones?

    my 2 cents: If a sound engineer is not familiar with the frequency response of the gear used to record and mix the music, the music will likely be badly mastered anyway. If they are familiar with the FR, they will master the music bearing that in mind. In before teh lokzorz
  21. Feanor

    Trust Your Ears...

    I wouldn't go so far as calling them delusional ears, but I would argue that most differences in sound made by amps or dacs are much smaller than one would expect based on the reviews and impressions. If one is not listening critically then these differences are usually not apparent (in my...
  22. Feanor

    Trust Your Ears...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl Don't even get me started with cables. Maybe your inferior cabling is the reason you haven't heard any differences with amps/dacs? :P :P :P
  23. Feanor

    Trust Your Ears...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Crazy*Carl I think in the future, this hi end audio market is going to slowly disappear because regular devices will get so good. I think this is already happening. Nah. Time and time again its been proven that if you offer people the same product at...
  24. Feanor

    Trust Your Ears...

    Quote: Originally Posted by pekingduck I agree.. Be happy with your current DAC and amp and enjoy the music I second this advice, with the addendum of downgrading to some less expensive alternative that you find equally pleasing. I'm probably going the same path, although sadly...