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  1. kuma

    Shelter 90X MC phono cartridge

    I am selling this cartridge for my friend. Unfortunately he did not keep the box or any of accessories so it is sold as is.   The MSRP was 2750$. I am looking about 900$ but will take any reasonable offers. The cartridge is in working condition.   I can send more pictures upon...
  2. kuma

    FS: Brand NEW Audio Technica AT 440MLa MM cartridge

    Never been opened or used. I am looking to get 150$. Free shipping within the US and Paypal fee is waved. If interested please send me an email to:
  3. kuma

    Lavry DA10: 700$ shipped and includes Paypal fee: SOLD!

    I am selling this unit for a friend of mine. Here is your good opportunity to own a near mint Lavry DA10 for a great price. Just about the only flaw is one of the screw is missing on the bottom. I will send the pix for those who are interested. Scratch-free chassis ( outside ) and operates...
  4. kuma

    what's the general consensus of the AKG K55?

    I can't find much info on this 'fones.
  5. kuma

    Naim Headline 2: now offered with RCA sockets!

    For non Naim-o-philes, the amp is now available with *civilian* RCA inputs instead of stanard DINs as an option.
  6. kuma

    Aria pix

    A new camera. Still a ****** pix.
  7. kuma

    Omega II users: which amp are you using with it?

    and what is your assessment of the SRM717 compared to other amps for the Stax?
  8. kuma

    WTB: AT W2002 or W5000

    Still looking for them at a reasonable price.
  9. kuma

    Sonic signature difference between W2002 & W5000?

    As I have been trying out the W2002 again, but this time with Naim Headline2, I found the results much better than my past experience. Unfortunately, this is a borrowed pair from a friend. What is the sonic difference, if any, between the two cans? Does a W2002 pretty much summarise...
  10. kuma

    The great new find~!: a reasonably priced coax digital cable

    Naim DC1 Last weekend, I've set up a Squeezbox 2 in the office rig with Shigaraki DAC/Dumpty. I've borrowed a meter of Naim DC1 just out of curiosity and compared it to my current NBS Signature III and OTA. In the past, I've went through rounds of digital coax cables and the NBS, Siltech...
  11. kuma

    MY amp finally made it to the Montreal show!

    RS1 tube amp Zanth, We missed you there! The guys over at the show had a blast it sounded like. They used the LP12/Ittok/Dynavector cart. into Coph Nia solid state phono and Poth Audio valve linestage And of course, the Grado RS1. The amp is finally on its way to me and I am...
  12. kuma

    Woo Hoo!! Finally the RS1 tube amp is ready to go!

    A push-pull 6BX7 GT capable of outputting 3 watts. This amp is specifically to drive the 32 ohm Grado impedance. The original circuit and power supply section are designed by Joe Bogatek out of Australia. Zanth, hope you are still interested in listening to this amp.
  13. kuma

    Who's using Naim Nait with a K1k?

    A friend told me this is *supposedly* a good combo. Has anyone tried it?
  14. kuma

    kuma gilmore reference for sale

    With external dual mono power supply box. This is a straight headphone amplifier without a volume pot to be used with a preamp. All the goodness of Gilmore amp but the reference version adds more refinement and even better dynamics all around. This is a great amplifier to optimise Grado...
  15. kuma

    OTA anyone?

    I have been trying out a pair of 47Labs OTA cables. That's right. Those really under naurished copper wire with a plastic thingy. Supposedly, they need 200+ hr. running in time. 50 hrs. in so far, the trebles still need to open up but the midrange clarity, articulation and bass out of these...
  16. kuma

    SR-200 UP FOR TRADE!
  17. kuma

    How does AT W1000 and Cary 300SET pair?

    Has anyone tried this combo?
  18. kuma

    Portable amp help!

    I used to use RA1 for travel, but I've ditched it because of pain in the butt security check at the airport. I use a minidisc player with Ety 4s 'phones. Adding a one of those cute mint amp make a diffrence? ( those are just too adorable! )
  19. kuma

    What's the deal with Alessandro Music Pro?

    I could not find much on these pair except they are rare. the same specs, drivers and chamber and cabling. How much could they be different from RS1? Has anyone ABed RS1 and Music Pro? these are supossedly for studio use. But, hard to imagin if anyone want to use RS1 for monitoring.
  20. kuma

    New Naked Music

    Can you say 'Fuuuunky'???!! • Lost on Arrival
  21. kuma

    Stax reviews

    • Stax SR-303 vs. SR-404
  22. kuma

    vinyl guys agree they prefer CD!

    • analogue like sound Thought this was too funny. There are always ****ty sounding vinyl as well as digital rig. but it seems vinyl guys tend to dismiss digital stuff just way too easily. There might be some truth to *vinyl romance* effect. Having said that, I would pick 100...
  23. kuma

    ok.. Who tried the Grace 901 with Grado RS1?

    it seems my chance of auditioning gilmore V2 is nil, now, i'm curious how tried the above combo? Yes. I am looking for the suitable solid state amp to drive RS1. Appreciate any feedback.