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  1. wilzc

    [WTB]/[LF] Fitear TG334 / Shure SE846 / Westone W60/ Dita Answer

    As per title describes.   Lost my SM64 and sold off my HeirAudio 8.A   Looking for top tier replacements.
  2. wilzc


    FS is a very well used ALO RX MKII   Price is low due to the fact that the batteries only hold charge for about 20mins.   I'm unable to source the replacement batteries for them as stupid Mauser only ships within USA  ...
  3. wilzc

    Bunch O Mid/Top Teir IEMs for SALE/TRADE

    I need to make liquid some cash for extra spending on vacation.   As such I've got various IEMs for some spring cleaning sale!!   Audeo Phonak PFE 121 ---> USD 150 Perfect condition, full accessories, unopened pouches and tips   Ortofon EQ-5 ---> USD 150 Used condition, fonts faded.
  4. wilzc

    [WTB] Velodyne VPulse. Any colour

    Looking for a pair for the brother who only appreciates bass.   Might as well VPulse it..
  5. wilzc

    [WTS] Klipsch Oval Eargels

    I've got a full set of S/M/L sized single flanged clear eargels from Klipsch.   They're fresh and brand new. Untouched.   15USD shipped anywhere in the world.
  6. wilzc

    Sleek Audio SA7

    Whatever happened to the SA7?   These were going to compete head to head with Phonak's PFE232!!!   And then..  Sleek disappeared off the face of the earth!!!   Anyone could provide some insights to what went wrong or whats going on??   Last news was that they were moving back to...
  7. wilzc

    Final Price drop!! Worlds Cheapest Quad driver! Sony XBA-4SL

      Up for sale as a part of clearing out my gear for an impending migration!! I love these but I've decided to ALL of my gear go and grab me a CIEM instead.   I really want these gone because I want them to be posted via AusPost rather than when I'm in Asia.   I'll do a final price...
  8. wilzc

    Clearout Sale! HisoundAudio Popo

      SALE PENDING     These are the bassheads dream!!   Creamy response across all frequencies with an incredibly powerful yet smooth bass. The bass, as overpowering as they are, are well integrated and does not come off as choppy or skewed like most cheap/budget earphones that promise...
  9. wilzc

    Clearout Sale! Reterminated Sennheiser CX980

      SALE PENDING.     Apologies for poor picture quality, my main camera is packed up and shipped off to the country I'll be residing next.   As part of my clearout sale in conjunction with an intercontinental migration I'm letting go a very decent genuine Sennheiser CX980.   These...
  10. wilzc

    Migration Sales!!! KOSS KDE250 dual driver earphones!

    Up for sale is my beloved Koss KDE 250 dual driver earpiece. I've had these for half a year. I'm clearing all my audio gear and these will have to go as well :(      I really want them gone before I pack up and go in a weeks time so I'll lower the price to a final SOLD   Everything is...
  11. wilzc

    Limited Edition Dunu 5x EX150 earbuds

    I'm one of the very very lucky few that received these limited edition earbuds.   Apparently only 20 of them are in existence worldwide.   Superbly made with great cables and a nice attached cable wrap.   The sound, changes from neutral and balanced without the foam sleeves to a very...
  12. wilzc

    Aurisonics ASG-1 semi-custom fit earphones.

      SOLD     Hey there.   After two weeks of 'burning in' and testing out, these Aurisonics, as amazing as their drivers and sonic reproduction are, cannot seem to appeal to me in regards to their overall presentation. Some consider these one of the BEST ever universal IEMS, on par or...
  13. wilzc

    WTB: Broken Westone 1 or UM1

    Wants a broken Westone for the cables for recabling my Shure SE530.   As such, it would be a waste to get anything better than a W1/UM1
  14. wilzc

    The headphone scene in Australia!!!         Enjoy the read.  
  15. wilzc

    Clearout Sale: Brand new RMA'd Westone UM1

    I've got with me a RMA/refurbished Westone UM1. Refurbishment/replacement done by Westone of course. I've only used them for about 3 hours max. Smells brand new and condition is brand new. Westone's build quality, especially for the clear housings are evident. IE: They're not as great as the...
  16. wilzc

    Clearout Sale: Feels Pro900

    In continuation of my clearout of IEMs, I've decided to let go my favourite pair, the Feels Pro 900 with articulating nozzle. My take on them in a review here In good physical condition. No scratches nicks or anything. Comes with stock S/M/L black tips. Will also add a modded clear bi-flange...
  17. wilzc

    Heroda Dual driver headphones!!     Found these...    lol looks interestingly like the Aviators. But with DUAL DRIVERS!!! wahahhaha   they go about 120USD on eBay. Tempted but..  naaaaaaaaah
  18. wilzc

    [REVIEW] The Ultraportable Aiaiai Tracks: Basseus Maximus

        Theres not a lot of coverage on these so I’ll give them some lovin’ These are the Aiaiai’s model of ultraportable headphones, on the same category as the Koss Porta Pro, Sennheiser PX series, C-Jays, V-Jays, AKG 400 series, Ultrasone Zino and what not.   These ultraportables often...
  19. wilzc

    Clearout Sale: Sennheiser IE7 (Price Drop + Trades)

    These are of course, genuine. Love their fit, comfort and cables (smooth, soft and supple yet strong and zero microphonics). The sound is impressive, not the widest soundstage but very good front-back stage extension.   Absolutely no cosmetic blemishes. Have been used about 100hours or so. They...
  20. wilzc

    Broken/unwated/Cheap Headphones.

    Looking for some unwanted or broken headphones to be used as a housing for my little DIY Orthodynamic project.   The headband and cups must at least be intact and hopefully in good condition.   Circumaurals preferred but not a must.     Hit me.
  21. wilzc

    [REVIEW] Feels Pro 900

          Now here is quite an interesting product in hand.   The Pro 900 in ears by Feels, a Korean company. This is quite a brand new IEM and not much information is available on them in the web, so I have no idea how they look like, or how they sound, only that they’re a single balanced...
  22. wilzc

    Looking for Ibasso T3/T3D or any other portable sub 100 dollar amp.

    As title explains, am looking for a small portable amp under 100, to power several headphones, mostly low impedance types.   Will listen to whatever you have to offer!! (besides the lower e3/35 stuff)   Australian sellers would obviously be preferred. But I'll entertain and pay for...
  23. wilzc

    Headphone stands on the cheap...

      So Borders are closing down all over Australia. And they're trying to cut losses by selling almost everything they have, including tables, chairs and shelves. This include little clear bookstands which I though would make decent headphone stands and the guys gave me a bargain at 7 dollars...