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  1. durden

    ATH-M30X Or 681-Evo

    Hey guys. So I have narrowed down my new pair of budget headphones to the Audio-tecnica ATH-M30X or the Superlux 681-Evo. I know that they're somewhat similar in price. But when it comes to the quality of their sound, build and overall value, I am not sure which to get. Can you please give me...
  2. durden

    New on ear headphones

    Hey guys. I'm looking at moving into the on ear realm of headphones. All through college, I was into IEM's and got excellent recommendations from you all as to what set would best suit my taste. So I'm looking at something around $50 US, on Amazon (as I have gift cards to spend). I listen to...
  3. durden

    Budget cans, need help

    Hey guys. I've been a fan of IEM's for quite some time now. My first major purchase was the hi-fi man RE0s, which are still amazing for how long I've had them. Now I am working from home and am looking for a budget pair of headphones to enjoy without needed the isolation of IEM's. I've been...
  4. durden

    Issue with my RE0's - HELP!

    Hey guys. I have had my pair of Hifiman RE0's for a little over two years now. I have used them 4-5 days a week since they arrived at my doorstep and their sound has only gotten better over time...until yesterday.   I was at work and my left IEM began cutting out. The sound would decrease in...
  5. durden

    FS: Amazon Gift Card

    Hey guys.   I have a $25 Amazon Gift Card that I honestly can't use at the time. Figured if someone else can benefit from it, so be it.   Because I love this place and want to take care of you guys, I'm selling it for $20.   PM me if you are interested and I can give you my PayPal...
  6. durden

    RE0 Faded Out?

    Alright, as I was writing a paper for my night class just a few minutes ago, the right side faded to near silence. I could still make a little sound out, but it was REALLY quiet. I remembered reading in the past that its just the IEM's adjusting in the burn-in so I kept calm and just kept on...
  7. durden

    Case for my DAP and IEM's

    So, I have a 4th Gen iPod Nano and a pair of Head-Direct RE0's. I want a case that I can put them both in for travel to and from my university. Just wasnt sure what was out there. If you guys could toss me a few rec's, Id appreciate it. Note: Amazon is where I need to buy from - gift...
  8. durden

    JBuds - Save up to 83% off on Amazon until December 23rd!

    Save up to 83% on Earphones from JLab For a limited time, save 80% on the original Jbuds, 83% on the J2 ear buds and 63% on the new J3 ear buds. Thought I'd share the saving with you. Any one have good reviews on JBuds? Recommendations?
  9. durden

    My first IEM's

    I'm looking into buying my first pair of IEM's. I want a decent pair and have about $100 to spend. I've been doing alot of reading and research and have found several that stick out to me: Head-Direct RE0 - good reviews, but worry about quality Denon AH-C751 Shure SE210 Etymotic Research...