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  1. ckvp

    WTB JDS Labs El Amp

    Looking to buy a JDS Labs El Amp, name your fair price! Verified PayPal, Midwest US.
  2. ckvp

    Alternatives to the iFi EarBuddy?

    I love what it does, but it came apart after just 3 months of irregular use. Any alternatives I could use with my desktop amp and with my phone? I have sensitive IEMs and it helps lower the volume/get rid of minor hissing and supposedly, allow for a higher bit rate at lower volumes as well. I...
  3. ckvp

    Help with Cables Needed For Magni 3

    Hi Head Fi Help, I just bought a Magni 3 and would like some help knowing what cables to purchase for it. I will be using this with my FiiO E10K(3.5 mm line out & coaxial out) as the DAC from my desktop and with my LG V20 (3.5 mm and USB-C). I will primarily listen to FLAC, if that matters...