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  1. Capunk

    Xin Supermacro 3 replacement recommendations

    I can't believe my eyes for seeing this thread's topic.  Xin Supermacro III amp! what a bizarre coincidence, that 5 mins ago I've just found my SMIII lying on my cupboard with 1mm thickness of dust.  I'm charging it as we speak right now and will be connected to my 1st iMod very soon.   ...
  2. Capunk

    AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft cable.

    I'm selling my precious AKG K701 headphone, which already recabled with Stefan AudioArt 7-ft (2.13 m) Length with 1/4 inch (full size) connector (RRP $289 USD), and the installation is done professionally by our head-fi member, Stevenkelby.  The condition is excellent, kept in non-smoking...
  3. Capunk

    FS: AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft

    Sorry for long-time unresponsive period, I was stuck in my career, and incapable to invest my time back to my hobby. However, the headphone still up for sale, with the same price $500AUD + Shipping cost. Here's the pictures: I haven't used it for a period of time. Let me...
  4. Capunk

    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by Remitrom As Triad A expands we have made it to Australia! Did You go to the recent Sydney meet? Steven Kelby Demo'ed the new Lisa Sets for everyone!! Steve does some DIY stuff He put a mini input in the front plate of an older Lisa XP !!!! Pic on the...
  5. Capunk

    LISA III Available for Order

    Quote: Originally Posted by Remitrom A noise like that could indicate bad ground 2. If the noise still exists, could be bad pot, send it in to replace. 3. worse case ,it still has problems, we will replace the amp. Have your new owner contact: I have...
  6. Capunk

    A nice amp for the MS-1's for under $200

    My MS-1 'just' slightly improved when it paired with amp. I don't really hear any benefit using it with amp and I already try it on iBasso D1, Lisa III, Xin SM III, OMZ amp, and Heed Canamp. Result was so-so.
  7. Capunk

    What amp did you start out with? & what do you have now?

    Was : ibasso d1 then: - Xin Supermacro III v6 - Heed Canamp - OMZ v4.1 amp - Lisa III xp
  8. Capunk

    Best amp for K701 at low volume ?

    If you can stretch the budget a bit, you might want to consider Lisa III. They got bass adjustment knob, and work well with my K701. (although I prefer tubes amp)
  9. Capunk

    I'm lost: what amps for a K701 ?

    I'm using Lisa III for my recabled K701, I agree the mids is already strong, but the bass is quite subtle, even I already crank up the bass knob. K701 will benefit a lot from the tubes amp's sonic characteristic , this cans is just purely too dry.
  10. Capunk

    I'm lost: what amps for a K701 ?

    I would suggest you to take a good tubes amp, instead of solid state amp.
  11. Capunk

    My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

    Good review It's time for SE530 vs PK1 review
  12. Capunk

    Who has the Sennheiser MX W1!?!?

    Anyone kind enough to provide a photo of the unit, attached to their ears?
  13. Capunk

    The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

    Ety Er6i. It just plainly uncomfortable and hurting my ear drum >_< (plus they're expensive too)
  14. Capunk

    Denon AH-D2000 amps thread

    I own Lisa III (default gain), and I can report that the combo isn't really working. Because D2000 is low impedance with higher sensitivity, and I notice a lot of distortions that I don't found when I paired K701/HD650 to Lisa III. However, certainly Lisa III bring the D2000 sound to higher...
  15. Capunk

    full cans vs IEM

  16. Capunk

    FS: AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft

    bump. Opening sales to International user
  17. Capunk

    So what's the word on the new Ultrasone HFI-780????

    Does anyone here own D2000 and HFI-780? Do you think HFI-780 is a worthy upgrade over D2000 or slightly degrade?
  18. Capunk

    FS: AKG K701 - recabled with SAA Equinox 7ft

    Thank you Another bump ahead...~
  19. Capunk

    Upgrading from PK-1 (need suggestions)

    So not much choice? -_- I guess I'll wait for the wireless sennheiser earbuds, and if it's not as good as what ppl expected, I'll just go for SE530.
  20. Capunk

    Upgrading from PK-1 (need suggestions)

    Ah I forgot to specify my portable equipments: DAP: - iMod 4G - (maybe) Sandisk Sansa Clip AMP: - Xin Supermacro III v6 (2x BUF634 + 2x OPA627) And I just miss a head-fi meeting that just around recently
  21. Capunk

    Upgrading from PK-1 (need suggestions)

    Hi guys, I wanted to upgrade my portable setup, and this time I decide to give IEM a 2nd chance, as I hated my previous Ety's ER-6i. I'm looking for an IEM that: - A decent upgrade from Yuin PK-1, as I really love the PK-1 sonic characteristic, I'm totally hookup with how it's sounds...