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  1. Pastapipo

    Right button function on forum.

    Hello,   Quick question: How do I change the function of the right mouse button on the forum editor?   When I make a mistake, like thiis, the word "thiis" gets a red underlining. Usually I click my right mouse button and let Firefox do a word suggestion. Now it only displays "Paste", Like...
  2. Pastapipo

    MOE SS-01

    Good as new MOE SS-01 with unused tips. Shipping could be done in a bubblewrap envelope, so the shippingcost would be around $5 internationally. I'm looking to trade them for the HAVI B3 Pro-1 (original version) or a DAC like the Fiio E7/E17. Offers and Price differences are of course...
  3. Pastapipo


    I'm offering an brand new KZ-ED3, they're not my cup of tea. What I'm looking for: more or less neutral, clear + mild subbass.  Price differences are of course discussable.  Im looking for: Philips S1, Ostrys KC06A, UE600(vi) Or something comparable to these sets.  I would like to ship them...
  4. Pastapipo

    RESERVED For Trade: Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

    RESERVED Three days ago I received these Zero Audio Carbo Tenore. Unfortunately they're not my cup of tea. I'd like to trade it instead of sending them back since I'm going to use the money to buy other IEMS anyway.   I've still got everything that was in the package, including the unused tips...