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  1. Wishmaker

    Cable recommendation : AHD-9200

    As I wait for my headphones to arrive, I dabble around this forum to get myself up to speed on various items I missed in my 5 year plus hiatus on headphones. I noted that the 9200 from Denon comes with OFC cables. The select few using these headphones did not object to the cable, however I have...
  2. Wishmaker

    Topping A50/D50s/P50

    Dear All, Anyone using this Pizza Stack? I have it for 3 days now and I noticed today that my 1x Single-ended Jack 6.35mm headphone output has a bit of wobble when I stick my D2000 ML or D5000 cans. Is this a common thing or isolated to my unit? W
  3. Wishmaker

    Heaphone case for my Denon D2000

    Hey there,    I have been browsing the shops online for a Denon case but I seem to be having difficulties finding one. I had a look on headfi for some cases but I don't want those military types :). I found the following :     So I found this one but shipping to Europe is 45 dollars...
  4. Wishmaker

    Xonar Essence STX

    I have been lurking in this section for a while and read through the ample threads answered by audiophiles. In every thread I see Asus Xonar ST/X as the best recommendation for audio listening. Furthermore, Creative products are bashed down and sent to the back of the bus due to the so called...