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  1. kaitrong

    Economical Home Theater System

    hello everyone i need help looking for a home theater system, i just need help finding a good surround sound. i butget is 500 annd lower,the surround can be used for xbox 360(obtical cable) play itouch... Please help me   OH AND MAYBE I NEED HELP FINDING A THEATER BOX TO  
  2. kaitrong

    what surround sound speaker should i buy?

    hello everyone. I need help chosing a good quality, 4or 5 small speaker with a subwoofer, and it work to use on itouch 3rd generation and for xbox360... Please help me   should i but the Logitech z5500? can u guys Please help me find a better one Thank You Very Much
  3. kaitrong

    Qestion about logitech z5500

    I was wondering when u unbox the logitech z5500 how long is the cable that they give u to connect to the 5 small speaker... I need to know so I can measure my room and see if it fir THANK YOU
  4. kaitrong

    Question about Itouch to T.V.

    I was wondering if this wire work to plug into the itouch   Thank You
  5. kaitrong

    Surround Sound Speakers Recomend?

    Hi Everyone, I need help choosing a surround sound speaker that can play for xbox360 and itouch to put in my room. I was thinking to buy a Logitech Z5500 but i was wondering if there is any better one out there that i can buy.... Any help?     i found this speaker wondering if any of it...