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  4. matchless

    SOLD____Audio-technica ATH-A700____SOLD

    Quote: Not trying to scare you away from these because they are nice headphones, but I've read reviews that say isolation is decent, but not quite at the level you may want for say flying in a plane. These also have a 10ft cord and a high impedence (65ohm, I think) which is not ideal...
  5. matchless

    Review by 'matchless' on item 'JBL Reference 220 Headphone (White)'

    Let me get some disclaimers out there before I start writing this review. This was the first pair of $30+ headphones/IEMs I bought. I also got them on clearance (50%) so, for what I paid, these are quite a good deal. At retail price, I'm not sure they are a steal.   When I first plugged...
  6. matchless

    FS: Sennheiser HD555

    Still would like to see some pics
  7. matchless

    FS: Sennheiser HD555

    Are these sold? I'm interested. PM'd
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