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  1. ChaosBlooderfly

    Altec Lansing BackBeat 903/906 Headphone Impressions

    Well I don't feel like I'm qualified to do a detailed sound review analysis, but I will post my impressions. I've had these for a couple months.   Got these for $40 I think.   I'm unsure how the AD2p bluetooth protocol works though, at what point is the digital converted to analog...
  2. ChaosBlooderfly

    Best Koss KSC/PortaPro series headphone?

    I borrowed my roomate's Koss PortaPro's, and they sound pretty decent. A little muddy in the base, but pretty decent for the $30 price tag.   I'm getting an Altec Lansing UHP 606 (rebranded 4, with some lower build quality standards, but 4x cheaper). But I want something a little...
  3. ChaosBlooderfly

    Phone Fi

    Sony Ericson 750i or something. It's a generic candybar phone. Camera has dead pixels. Built like a brick though.   Want a Droid 2 or and Epic 4g (Needs a hard keybaord).
  4. ChaosBlooderfly

    Internet Tablets?

    I've got an hp tm2. Pretty awesome tablet. Wacom EMR tech > capacitive. But looks like that's not the kind of tablet you want. I use it for taking notes (OneNote is the best thing since tabbed browsing.)   Personally, even though I've got a grudge against Apple, the iPod touch seems the only...
  5. ChaosBlooderfly

    Onboard to external DAC help

    I think you get a USB cable between the DAC and laptop. The DAC is supposed to bypass your audiocard, and it takes digital signals through the USB and converts them into analog for the amp.
  6. ChaosBlooderfly

    Looking for decent pair of headphones.

    Apparently, xd200s have no isolation, htx7s are horrible head vises, (I think HD20x's also have this problem?) And it looks like shure's are my best bet. 240 for $48 or 440 for $96   I'm thinking 240. Also, at that price range, it opens up my choices to HD428. >.< So confused here...
  7. ChaosBlooderfly

    Looking for decent pair of headphones.

    Quote: I do know there's a lot of info. There's too much, I'm having trouble processing all of it.   I wish I could try them out, but the only headphones I ever on demo are expensive bose garbage.   Apparently HD20x's are supraural. Well so much for that.   440s look nice...
  8. ChaosBlooderfly

    Looking for decent pair of headphones.

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphones, to be used with my laptop and my mp3 player. I'm not looking for superb audio, I just need ones that don't sound like trash.   My budget is $25-75.  I want to keep it sub$50, but I can go higher if there's a noticeable perforce/price improvement...
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