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  1. Meiju

    On a hunt for good headphones for PC gaming/music (~$200)

    Hi lads,   I ordered a new laptop the other day and can finally return to online PC gaming after an unfortunate hiatus of over a year. Now that I'm back in business, I request your help on a hunt for a good pair of headphones! Things I'm looking for: - Preferably closed cans. If it...
  2. Meiju

    Looking to buy new stuff, need recommendations! Budget: $250

    Hello all, I have signed up on this forum today to ask for a recommendation on new cans!    So here's what I had/have: I currently have Shure EC2n earphones, because my Sennheiser HD202's left ear cup crapped out on me about a month ago - I sent it out to Sennheiser for a repair quote, but...